26 Comments on “Why You Should Avoid Blogger (Free Websites!)”

  1. Hello Lisa you are sitting there telling us what you are telling us, I have a question for you just how much money is in your bank account right now? Have you ever lived without an Internet connection in your life or even electricity for eight months. Have you ever lived that kind of reality? In conclusion I would like to congratulate you on acquiring the dollars to purchase all that equipment you are using to produce a good video and I honestly wonder what the person who cannot even afford TO PAY FOR A DECENT EDUCATION so that they build their minds to be able to deliver the quality video that you are constantly producing (AND THATS JUST VIDEO) I bet you own an SUV AND THREE HOUSES TRY HOTEL WITH 80000 YouTube Subscribers. SOME PEOPLE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT "COMMAND C" stands for because they did not have the money to pay for school. . Can you sit in front of someone who just has water in their refrigerator and tell them to to their face "Oh you need to pay for your website"

  2. This is by far, the best way to explain to people the downfalls of using a free hosting company. They are fine, but in the long run, you will encounter issues like downtime, etc. Another good point that Lisa mentioned was that most free hosts do not give you access to resources such as .php and .htaccess, etc.

  3. I really hate free web hosting! I have many problems! Please tell me , who hast the best and cheap hosting but with unlimited band-wight? or a free good web hosting for my 2500 viewers per day? please pm me if you want! I really need your help!

  4. the only problem is, you know that you will earn money on a offline business, but if you are a newbi in affiliate , it is possible that you dont win any money, that means, u lose the money for host and dotn see the payback : (

  5. I'm just looking for a free website host for free domains for me a few buddy's is theres any out there

  6. This video certainly does make things clear about the pros & cons of using free web hosting. For anyone who is really serious about setting up a business online, I would agree that using a paid hosting service is the best way forward. 

  7. We hardly see free web hosting that comes with clear explanation on the terms (which is normally written in small print).

  8. There is no price for free web hosting in terms of dollars and cents simply because it is free
    But it can cost you a lot if you are hosting it for long term.
    Free things are never free. Someone has to pay for it.
    There is always a catch somewhere and somehow.

  9. Thank you for this one…I'm researching the best paid web host to start my own business. Great info!

  10. Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say that since discovering your page i've gotten a lot of value out of your videos. I've started a blog through circle pad that encompasses music, fashion, and art. Does that seem too much of a "hodge podge" site? Do you think I should invest in SBI with an idea like this? I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks.

  11. thank you very much,your passion about your art has helped me save tons of money and headaches.

  12. Is there any way to make your own web hosting? I mean insted of using someone else's make your own? 

  13. @pikachomovies Are you kiddin me! Lisa is THE LADY with Da Plan! and she implements it's wisely and correctly! She doesn't ASK you to go to her website and BUY ANYTHING! We all KNOW she has the website but it's up to US if we want to go to it and buy anything! Lisa puts up all this FREE Information to HELP new peoplm and people in general, she doesn't ask you to go and buy her product.

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