WordPress Plugin Development – Intro

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21 Comments on “WordPress Plugin Development – Intro”

  1. Hi Alessandro, i want to develop a front-end login page as landing pag from scratch without installing any plugin…….any suggestions?

  2. Hi Alessandro, I am excited to this new adventurer and i hope the plugin include re-ordering of custom post-type. Looking to learn a lot.

  3. Alex, in one your videos, you said people suggested what plugin functionalities you will cover in this series. My suggestion will be a License Manager and an Update Manager.

  4. how we can make pdf file in wordpress make a plugin about this please include this video here.Best teacher in the history of youtube.go on we are with you.

  5. Hey Alex, Hope you are doing well. I want to ask a simple and stupid question that I am unable to find setSettings method of SettingsApi class in my Admin.php class. My Admin Class didn't find that method inside that class.

  6. hi guy. thanks for this great work. pliz help me, how can i build a plugin which will permit me to create customize products on woocommerce?!! don't suggest me paying plugin pliz… 🙂

  7. is there is any tutorial in this series where we learn how to show update notification? sorry for my bad English :/

  8. Hi Dear Castellani Please make a video series on PHP and mysql which covered the prerequisite before jumping to build or design wordpress plugin and wordpress theme design. Which level of PHP I should know before making or learning to design the plugin and theme. Please make a video on this area. thanks

  9. Bro, do you have a Plugin Dev Boiler Plate for us as an OOP style starting point? Or maybe you can recommend one?

  10. It would be nice a plugin to add options to theme customizer such as button colors for woocommerce or hide some options… I mean, how to add more css options to theme customizer to avoid user to use code. I hope I have explained my idea. Regards from Spain

  11. Unbelievable !! No one in the WORLD has a course on this topic which is this AWESOME! Take a bow, my friend!! Bro, we will be eternally grateful if you start a series on Vue.js and WP REST API … THANX A LOT FOR THIS & IN ADVANCE FOR WHAT TO COME … 🙂

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