WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step 2018

Learn how to create a website step by step in this WordPress tutorial for beginners. No experience required!

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WordPress Tutorial Overview
1) Make a Website in Less Than 1 Hour! – 00:00:00
2) WordPress Introduction- 00:01:25
3) How to Set up WordPress – 00:05:52
4) WordPress Basics – 00:13:54
5) How to Add a Premium WordPress Theme – 00:24:30
6) WordPress Security & Plugins – 00:36:48
7) Assignment – 00:41:10

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22 Comments on “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step 2018”

  1. I do not have any idea of coding, can I learn WordPress from this tutorial, Please answer. thanks in advance.

  2. Bro how can i add openload video on my website?
    how i can add multiple stream player on website?
    Please help…

  3. This was such a helpful tutorial thank you for being so detailed step by step!

  4. 良心之作,给大家安利一个网站,虚幻私塾,这个网站上的教程很适合初学wordpress的,就是小白也能快速搭建属于自己的网站,关键是还免费!

  5. Hi watching your video on wordpress. Question; installing wordpress on my computer is where I got lost, I don't see that part in your video. Did I miss that or is it not there in the video? Of not do you have a video on it?

  6. If I don't wanna buy a domain from bluehost. Actually I need to learn wordpress without buying any domain. Can I get a domain free for learning purpose?

  7. Thank you……….great tutorial video. Easy to follow and understand each step. No unnecessary jargon, straight to the point and clear instruction

  8. Hello, I just want to ask you, can I publish the same courses I mean the same content of the courses I mean put a copy of it in different educational platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare and Thinkific without violating the policies and conditions of use as a Teacher for these educational platforms? and Thank you.

  9. Hi Daragh. So I watched your video yesterday, and ordered a theme from My Theme Shop. Well, I forgot my password (even though I have it all written down for some reason it's not working with My Theme Shop) and I need that information in order to connect my new theme with WP. The support with My Theme Shop is kinda ridiculous, in that there is no live chat or phone call ability, but instead it all has to be done via an email to support or the forum, neither of which has helped me yet after 17 hours of my requests for help. Any insight you might have into how I can reset my password without knowing my current password? Thanks!

  10. Hi Daragh. Thank you for this video. I'm seeking some advice on how to begin a custom site because I want a simple design but have not found a theme that fits. I mainly want to do a one page site with a fixed image as the background and the information elements would "float". Would you be able to direct me to some info on how to do this myself from scratch? Thank you so much for your help!

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