You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (Study Notes)

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46 Comments on “You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (Study Notes)”

  1. Please do a video on Dr. Joe Dispenza!
    I'm listening to some of your videos on repeat because as I take actions my perspectives shift and there's always new things to learn from every listen.

  2. L hay is very new age in her books, check out the book, combating cult mind control 2015copy. you better off sticking to personal development books that are not new age. great YouTube channel tho

  3. Joseph, having already read the book, this is a great 're-read'. Interestingly I am currently listening to Napoleon Hills 'Outwitting The Devil' having listened to your study of it and of course gaining further insight and awareness into our development and what is holding us back, the more we listen to and read material like this. The one theme I sense running through much of this teaching is fear of failure, which of course is a result of the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. If we truly love ourselves (as we are encouraged to do by many spiritual teachers) we would not have this fear of failure, because our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves would be so positive to the point that we would not be fearful of doing that thing we desire to do. Just my take on it. Have a fantastic Day!

  4. Thank you! Going to watch this video now.
    I saw you have a mind map for the book "Art of Seduction" by Robert Green. But i couldn't find the video. I would be interested in that book discussion 🙂

  5. Great one, I will be listening to this today. You're videos help me internalize and put these books into practice. So thank you for helping me transform myself and thoughts.

  6. Note, release the and forgive, is a key spiritual principle covered deeply and densely in the channelled text " a course in miracles ". These channelled texts contain the core truth of reality, but are so dense and complex , impossible to do a 1 hour summary. So a course of miracles, true nature of reality (Seth ) & law of one is the source of you can heal your life; but these texts are tough to summarise , but I challenge you.

  7. I see Hay believed that the thoughts create the feelings… There are some who argue that the feelings perpetuate the thoughts, and it is the feelings that need to be released before the thoughts can change ("The Sedona Method" & "Letting Go" books, also the Releasing Technique). What are your thoughts on this?

  8. This channel is an absolute gold mine. Immediately forwarded your Youtube account to my friends and family. Have you ever considered creating a health, and or wealth affirmation video that people can listen to on repeat while they sleep? You have a fantastic calming voice. I would use them both everyday. You deserve 1 million subscribers Joseph. Keep up the fantastic work. All the best.

  9. Hi Joseph can you please make a video on what is life about and why we are here? I really want to hear your opinion..Thank you btw for all this amazing videos you creating for us <3

  10. I listen to your audio/ videos while putting my make up and before going to bed. I think you are a very smart man, you make books so interesting

  11. Joseph you are such a gift to this world. Thank you for the hard/smart work that you have put into yourself, and thank you for sharing the fruits of your efforts with us ♥️

  12. I want to change how i feel about others, i want to forgice. But wgat about if that person dont let up? Continues to make me pay? I move on but she dont.. i dont want to change my jpb.. my boss doesnt care. What do i do?? Please say something

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