Young Indian entrepreneur can’t believe his profit

■ JAIPUR, INDIA: Whilst sitting on a pavement with a few hours to left before a grueling bus journey, a young Indian shoeshine boy wandered by an offered to fix my decrepit shoes. He asked for 20 rupees which is about $0.24. The entrepreneurial spirit of the people of India is incredible. Especially at the grassroots level where it is allowed to flourish more freely than at the top. Whenever I run into such people I always make sure they know their business acumen and struggle is truly appreciated. So was he able to repair my shoes? What did they look like afterwards and how much did he earn?

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17 Comments on “Young Indian entrepreneur can’t believe his profit”

  1. Thank you for encouraging that young entrepreneur. Sincerely appreciate the gesture!! We are humans at the end of the day and need to spread happiness!

  2. Respect for you man love the way you helped poor kid he is so happy you made his week pal god bless you ❤️?

  3. Average minimum unskilled labor wages in India is around 5000 rupees a month. That's around US$70. This kid made around $28 in 10 minutes.
    Great example of dignity in labor. Sure, it was way over what they earn but you didn't give him a handout. Respect.
    India is hard for the poor, especially children.

    Now, the desi daru episode was a little risky! ?

  4. I feel he was scared of taking the bill at first because he felt the older men might try to take it from him. For being such a big amount.

  5. I believe this is the greatest, most heart warming video (re: India), I have ever seen. – I only wish I spoke Hindi so I could know what was being said by those around you, Mr. Baldr. God Bless You

  6. India is paying huge price for ignoring the population explosion…. The video looks good on the surface but gives a glimpse of the deep rooted problem in the country!!!

  7. You gave him 200 times more than the I want God or nature or universe to give u also 200 times what u have in ur bank account.☺love and respect ☺☺

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  9. I got emotional seeing your generosity. You are good man. God bless you. In India we often see so many unfortunate kids and people but you are helping right person because even though he was kid but he is using his hands to earn something for himself. Never pay to beggars and people who have hands and legs but ask money. They have gangs running in India.

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