Your Right To Be Rich by Napoleon Hill (Study Notes)

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19 Comments on “Your Right To Be Rich by Napoleon Hill (Study Notes)”

  1. Good stuff! Napoleon Hill were the first "law of attraction" + " self help " I ever read. Opened up a whole new world for me, as a kid I was amazed such books existed. I was amazed because even as a kid, they were very old books ! Don't think I fully understood them when I was like 15, but they are prized books now on my shelf. ??????

  2. Napoleon Hill never truely experienced what he is talking about in his books…! Check out his biography 🙂 It is quite funny, he wanted to get rich and got rich thanks to his book on the topic of how to get rich… ^^ But it is true he started something big on the self development.. However I don't fully trust his words. ^^'

  3. Hello sir, The work which you are doing is an amazing . Can you please make Audio note on book- " The now ball system " – Win more Business.

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