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40 Comments on “Zero Experience Success Formula”

  1. Follow me am staving to death due to not being able to work as I was in a serious car crash in May this yr I broke my back in 4 places and fractured my spine seriously checkout my channel and u will see the crash ppl. No bull shit

  2. Thank you for the continued words of wisdom and inspiration Pat!
    Goals for 2019:
    Run 120 miles (Ran 280 miles so far)
    Lose 25 lbs (Lost 35)
    Read the Bible.
    Make 75K (at about 60K)

    Goals for 2020:

    Lose 15 more lbs and maintain.

    Run 300 miles.

    Make 6 figures.

    Read the Bible again.

  3. This guy is a CIA shill. Who has an image of the CIA goat herd name the "Shah" on his wall? The CIA overthrew the democratically elected Iranian candidate name Mossadegh and then the CIA put in a puppet and then created the Savak to torture and kill anyone that opposed the CIA shill, the Shah. This guy has blood on his hands. I think the CIA finances his shill show with the pictures of the rapist, MLK and the economic laughingstock Milty Freidman.

  4. I’m starting my own drone and video production business as we speak. Only one in Vegas that can do what I do. I’ll earn the time and respect without a doubt. Thank you for the Incredible inspiration. The timing on this is no coincidence.

  5. My goal in 2020 is to learn how to connect with people better, grow my network, generate more leads and eventually turn those leads into business partners.

  6. I'm going to earn it by literally walking the walk. I going to walk 4,500+ miles across the USA in 2020. I'll walk through Dallas late spring/ early summer. I'll send a text when I get a specific date.

  7. Pat i hv been seeing ur vdeos for years…tdy my reality is diff..i want to be something else bt ended up as a dr.. could u do a vdeo abt ur hardddd times n hw u mentally overcome it..

  8. I've jus turned 50 and for the first time for a very very long I can clearly see my future and amazingly I am now 100% prepared to let go so I can go forward…not sure if that makes sense but appreciate you sharing your concepts…2020 here I come!!

  9. Okay – this is a bunch of deep psych going on – what do they call it – insights? So I'm just going to adopt that attitude. Right away it puts me on a whole different playing field for 2,020. Like the one I need to be on – which is why I'm studying this stuff. And, as a bonus, it's also useful to patch up some rocky past episodes that are still in there that I'd like to take care of. You're being very useful for validating one path – certainty – approach – or whatever.

  10. The question is not: "How can I be successful". The right question is "How can I make myself useful"… Being able to provide value = success. Then you call the shots!

  11. If you want to make your 2020 great, follow Pat, tremendously dropping contents that are vital and necessary to keep yourself healthy, safely, successfully a business person.

  12. I wasn't born with the silver of spoon, but gradually I'm making my ways to the top of business, now creating a net worth of about $70k in cash as investment and about $300,000 companies in Revenue the next 3 years, and $400k – 580k in business/companies valuation in the next 5 years.

    We are all have to claim what we plan, want to do, be unless we want to pretend and become a spoiled brat.

    I don't matter who you are, where you are from, whatever your last name, skin color whatever you named it.

    We got to get it out and work for it.
    Plan in the head is plan under the mattress.

    Because you came from POOR families doesn't define your life, destiny or mindset.

    Changes in mindset is what changes the way will be what you want and do or what you can earn.

  13. GREAT STUFF PAT!! I LOVE your channel and I've been subscribed for a couple years! YOU REALLY help me with DOIN SH$$! EXECUTING ON stuff that will move my business forward! 2020 MY FIRST HIT ALBUM WILL SUPPORT ME FINANCIALLY & GET ME INDOORS & START MY TRILLIONS TRICKLIN IN & EMPOWER MORE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THEY'RE WORTH IT AND PUT THE WORK IN! (I havent had a place to live for almost 5 years, but it's better than being beaten by mother at 41 years old! PRAISE GOD I'M FREE!) Love you Pat!! I'M SCREAMIN' IT: MAD PROPS!

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