7 Ways to Grow Your Business During A Global Crisis

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20 Comments on “7 Ways to Grow Your Business During A Global Crisis”

  1. Patrick. This is scary. Im livin in a place who got so many insecure people, a typical poor place in a city.

    They can't stop talking about me, I havent done nothing, never talked to them, nothing.

    I've only made a very little progress, Im not yet eve competing in amateur, Im an athlete.

    They are crazy haters.

  2. Opportunity is always there…it's about positioning to capitalize when opportunity presents itself. Even adversity is opportunity to make ourselves stronger..

  3. Love your podcast my brother I’m a 24 year old young black Entrepreneur on my journey to become something special in this world and leave a legacy I fall short sometimes because I get lazy and make short term choices but due to your videos and wise words I’m understanding & most definitely working 4x harder to go harder & reach my culmination 🔥💪🏾🎥🎥

  4. We grew stronger. Almost got taken out and then I decided to invest more and grow. Added an additional 4 people to the sales team, increased marketing budget, and went on a B2B hunt for a new partnership. We are going all the f%&king way!

  5. This is the sort of video to produce. Much better than the gray old men telling us to act like an ostrich and the nasty virus will go away. You are spot on. Many people who were broke before will get it just right and make their fortunes out of this.

  6. I'm always impressed by the quality of the content of your business videos and on the other hand I don't understand why this wonderful channel is now giving visibility to all these conspiracy theorists. Your channel, your choices, but in my humble opinion the choice of giving them visibility it could lead to a loss of credibility and it would be sad

  7. Do not let these crisis stop you from being productive and doing the business. Address the concern, focus on creating solutions and be stronger. 💪

  8. Pat – We have implemented two points during Covid, freelancer as an employee and stratergic partnership in our new project.

  9. Nice.
    How about a brand new business?
    I have been watering my moves down as a pivot, but it’s pretty much a new business. But strangely I think in this crazy time it is right!

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