Tiger King Doc Antle Reveals Mysteries of Hit Netflix Show

Doc Antle from Netflix hit series Tiger King chats life, Tigers and the show with Patrick Bet-David.Visit Myrtle Beach Safari site Follow him on Instagram:

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About the Guest: Mahamayavi Bhagavan Antle, also known as Doc Antle and Kevin Antle, is an American big cat trainer and wildlife park operator. He is the founder and director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, a 50-acre wildlife preserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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37 Comments on “Tiger King Doc Antle Reveals Mysteries of Hit Netflix Show”

  1. Amazing interview David, but I would like to ask who are all of the individuals in that painting behind you? I can make some of them out, but not all of them. Also, was that painted for you or purchased?

  2. Why did you take Dr. Judy down? One of your most informed interviews. Please don't allow them to the hide truth given on your platform. Hopefully you have it saved and will share thru other sources of platforms.

  3. I took my family to Doc Antle's Tiger Preservation 3 years ago and it was a incredible experience. Wife and I watched the tiger king and we looked at each other and was blown away with the way they portrayed Doc and the people at the preserve. Glad you had this interview to clarify a lot of things.

  4. Patrick, you've done it again. What a great interview. And "he's like a pair of sandals with white socks" is one of the funniest descriptions of a person I've ever heard. haha. You're the best interviewer ever.

  5. Patrick,

    It seems that Youtube has recently removed an interview that was on your channel. Censorship is an anathema to me. Where might one find the interview again and be able to download it for posterity sake?
    Thank again, I love your channel.

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  7. This PBD only talks to rich important people…he has no time for you or me. Don't believe then try calling him or texting him you'll be talking to his fancy AI Program like a sucker.

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