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Social media has spread its wings relatively quickly. Facebook is arguably the top player in the social media segment. Nowadays, however, Facebook is resorting to techniques to keep its platform secure. Facebook Jail is one such idea.

But people who have been exposed to it are not able to understand its meaning. Unfortunately, getting the Facebook jail message can be a bad omen for sellers. Restricting your account is something that nobody wants.

Read on if you don't know what Facebook Jail and what it means either.

What is Facebook Jail?

First of all, we would like to explain to you what the concept of Facebook Jail is. This is the term used when Facebook bans your account. There can be many reasons for this ban. But most of the time, if you don't abide by Facebook community standards, you'll get banned. Maybe it was an unknown mistake on your part.

But Facebook authorities are looking at spam logins, suspicious behavior and violations and preventing you from using your account for some time. This duration is usually fixed and can range from a few hours to 21 days.

Facebook received a lot of criticism during the 2016 elections. People accused her of failing to monitor the content posted during that time. Otherwise, Facebook should also keep illegal members under control. As a result, the practice of blocking such villains was introduced.

Today even a small mistake can become dangerous. If you've broken any of the guidelines, you must face the music.

How do you know you ended up in Facebook Prison?

The idea of ​​ending up in Facebook Prison is awful enough. But how do you find out Facebook punished you? Facebook never warns users that something like this happened. Most people only find out when they try to post something on their wall. In return they receive the message: "You cannot post now."

Even if Facebook sends you an email informing you that you are in Facebook prison, there is nothing you can do about it . You have already made the decision and you can only wait. If you're wondering how to get into Facebook Prison here are the signs:

You have lost your ability to post to your walletYou cannot like other friends' posts and picturesYou cannot post a comment somewhere on the platformYou are banned and cannot open your account

If Facebook has banned you from posting, it means that you will not be able to post on any pages that you are the administrator of. This could be a problem when managing social media accounts. Additionally, if you are a salesperson who runs a business, the Facebook jail can be dangerous to the business.

Reasons why a person might be thrown in Facebook Prison

You may still not know how to get into Facebook Prison. Many people don't know they are in jail until they get the news. Rather, it's unfortunate that you end up there for something that you accidentally posted. Here we'll mention why some people are banned:

Post information quickly: You may post quite a lot. There is no indication of what Facebook rules apply to posting. However, if you do group Facebook jail posts repeatedly within minutes, you can be reported. If you post the same information, the authorities may not be like that. It's always better to follow a consistent posting plan. In this way, you will be able to publish data unchecked. Sending a lot of friend requests: you have just joined the platform. Now send requests to all of your friends in quick succession. This could get you in trouble. The situation is made worse when you send too many requests to strangers. This behavior is another red signal. Plus, if you've joined many Facebook groups in one day, they could put you in Facebook jail. Too much use of tags: Do you keep tagging your friends in all photos and posts? If so, it's time to stop this habit right away. Use tags only when absolutely necessary. Posting Inappropriate Material: Facebook is very strict when it comes to posting naked or sexually explicit content. It's against their community rules. If you were wrong here, you might end up in Facebook jail. Just monitor what you post. Even posting content that makes fun of a community or gender can be problematic. Apart from that, you also need to avoid hate speech, self harm or bullying content, etc. Use of Spam Pictures or Videos – Facebook marks certain photos and videos as spam. You can use them often in your posts. The platform won't take it well. They would quickly put you in Facebook jail as a punishment. With multiple accounts – You may have many accounts that you log into the platform. Even if you think this is harmless, Facebook isn't that open. You can only use one account per device. If you want to open a different account, use a different device. However, if you don't have an option, you can try using the VPN. The VPN allows you to open two Facebook accounts without getting caught. Remember if they catch you the punishment will be severe. Using this software to like posts and comments could easily put you in Facebook jail. So you need to keep an eye on the speed at which you publish content. Facebook quickly notices such errors on your part. Spam Behavior – Are you spamming people in the name of business promotion? Stop doing that right now. Facebook is strict on this. Avoid messaging people or posting unsolicited requests. Don't add spam links or send bulk emails hoping to get a return. There are better ways to market your product than spamming it. Aside from that, posting too much images or content on a person's timeline is also a no-go. Be careful what you post where, as Facebook strictly reviews every post. With a fake account – that's not all. Facebook quickly notices a fake account. If someone brings up the issue of you posing as someone, Facebook is sure to send you to jail. In fact, this is a pretty big mistake for them and they could block you permanently. Payment Fraud – Maybe you bought something on the Facebook marketplace. If you use a fraudulent card to make a payment, it will be canceled. As a result, the buyer is claiming you for the same. Once that happens, Facebook won't hesitate to put you in Facebook jail. Suspicious payments are always under the scanner and you can't screw that up. Duration of Facebook Jail

Next we will tell you how long this Facebook jail can last. There are two types of Facebook blocking.

Temporary Blocking – This is when Facebook blocks you for a limited time. In this case, the duration can range from a few hours to 30 days. When this period has expired, they will unlock the account. You can now use your Facebook account as you did before. Permanent Banning – This happens when your account is permanently deleted. You can no longer access the account. If you are a business owner this could be a major setback.

The blocks can be broken down into three types:

Lowest Level – This would likely take a maximum of 24 hours. You can appeal in between to lift the ban. Facebook sets a notification here when your ban will be lifted. Medium level – Here Facebook will block some functions of the account. This can be limited to liking or commenting on posts. However, your content will not be blocked, so you can use other features. Highest Level – This penalty applies to the most serious offenders. Here they completely forbid you to use Facebook. If this happens, there is no way to get the account back. The older you are on Facebook, the lower your chances of getting punished. In many cases, Facebook simply closes the account. So you have to understand the criticality of the situation.

How to get out of the Facebook jail?

Of course, now you want to know how to get out of the Facebook jail. While you don't have many options, here are some ways you can cut your time.

Stand Up to a Sentence – This is probably the easiest thing you can do. Since Facebook already mentions the length of your sentence, just let the same thing pass. Once the time runs out, they will restore your performance. Appeal – If you can't afford to wait, you can appeal. Facebook could send you the result of your request by email. It is possible that they refuse your request and you will remain in Facebook jail. Create a New Account – If nothing works and your account stays banned, you can create a new account. While this is not a viable solution for business owners, sometimes you have no other choice.

Remember, there will be people who will suggest tricks to get you out of the mess. You should avoid working with them. Facebook knows how to spot such misconduct. Better to wait for the lockout period to end or create a new account.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Fb Prison in the Future

You may have been imprisoned on Facebook and could emerge from it. You may not be so lucky next time. Better read all of Facebook's terms of service so you don't repeat the mistake. Aside from that, here are simple tips to avoid the same situation:

Leave a fair amount of time between your posts Never post inappropriate pictures or memes that could get you in trouble Always make sure you have fewer than 50 friend requests Send per day Be very careful when adding or tagging people. Do not post spam videos or pictures Join fewer than 10 FB groups per day Avoid using automated software Do not post similar content in multiple places Do not use fake accounts Sign in to one account per device

There are some other preventive ones Actions you could take.

1. Keep Your Facebook Profile Complete – An incomplete Facebook profile increases the likelihood that Facebook will review your posts. Facebook marks such profiles as incomplete. If you post to other groups with an incomplete profile, they will consider your account to be spam. So keep your “About me” page and, if possible, the other areas up to date.

2. Cell Phone Account Verification – If you verify your account with your personal cell phone number, Facebook will believe you are a reliable person. This underscores the fact that you are not a spammer. Your chances of getting into the Facebook jail then decrease.

3. Keep an Eye on the Sabotagers – If you're a company, there might be people out there who want to bring you down. This includes impressive competitors reporting your post for no reason. Notice if a troll is attacking your posts and blocking them from your account. Before they damage your reputation, take quick action to save yourself.

4. Create Original Content – As a business, you need to attract your customers. Posting copied attention regularly will get you noticed. Make sure the content you upload is valuable and original. Even if that means you are posting content less often than you would like. Even if you use images that Facebook has marked as spam, you are also considered a spammer. This damages your reputation on Facebook a lot.

5. Maintain personal contacts to contacts – Facebook is a place to meet your friends. Try to maintain a warm relationship with all of your contacts. Knowing who to add already increases your trustworthiness. Your Facebook behavior should be based on honesty. Facebook notices when your friend requests are not being accepted. Also, don't add people to your groups until you've given them permission. You can send them group requests, but you should do so in moderation. After all, you shouldn't tag a person in a picture until you're sure they are there. If you want to mention someone, you can add their name in the comments.

6. Understand How Facebook Works – If you are serious about avoiding Facebook jail, understand the rules Facebook applies. First of all, do not create a personal account with a company name. Your account should only contain your name. However, you can add your company name to your personal information.

Or you can create a page with your business details. Second, a person can only have one Facebook account. So if you are a business, create multiple pages for your business. You can delineate each side as a separate service or product. This is how you achieve the maximum number of customers.

7. Don't act like a spammer – Certain actions will result in being marked as a spam bot. Understand what they are and avoid them at all costs. Facebook can completely restrict your profile. Then you cannot comment on or like the profiles of others. So control the speed at which you like and comment on the posts. This will help ensure that you are not viewed as spam. You can also control the traffic information on Facebook. This gets out of hand when all users post additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

F1. Is there a way to bypass Facebook Prison?

Certain websites suggest ways to bypass Facebook blocking. This includes registering your account as a minor. Facebook does not monitor underage accounts. But that is not correct and therefore it is better if you open a new account.

Q2. Can we find out if someone else is in Facebook jail?

You have no way of knowing if Facebook has jailed someone else. Since your profile will look the same even after being blocked, you can never know the status of your account. You can still post on your timeline. However, they cannot answer you. However, if your account is completely canceled you will not be able to see it.

Q3. How can we appeal the Facebook jail?

To appeal the suspension of your account, go to Facebook and log in. As soon as you log in, you will receive the message “Your account has been deactivated. ”Below you will see another link that says“ Submit an objection ”. Click on the same to open the complaint form. Now enter all the details in the form and click Submit. You will get a response from Facebook soon.


There is no way to find out how to get into Facebook jail. You will not receive the information until you open the account. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for renewed calling. Make sure you provide all required information and evidence.

Facebook, while very strict with rules, does not penalize anyone unnecessarily. If your case is valid, the lock will likely be lifted. If you're a salesperson, don't get carried away with product marketing. Not everyone may appreciate your idea of ​​advertising. Respect your privacy and only send messages within limits.


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