3 Awesome Women Entrepreneurs Share Notes on Starting Up

At a recent Chai with Lakshmi LIVE event, we invited three amazing women entrepreneurs – possibly all under 30 – to share their experiences in starting a business and growing it. These women are: Anu Sridharan, from tech start up NextDrop, Aishwarya Raman from social start up Auto Raja, and Devi Murthy from manufacturing startup Kamal Kisan. If NextDrop is providing an SMS service alerting the public about water supply timings; Auto Raja – a dial-an-auto service – boosts happiness amongst auto drivers and commuters; and, Kamal Kisan, provides our small Indian farmers with affordable mechanization options.

Watch this amazing conversation among three young women entrepreneurs and discover what each of them share about starting up in technology, agriculture and transportation. Towards the end, you’ll discover the one important life message they’d like to share with you!

Find out more about these businesses at http://nextdrop.org/, http://kamalkisan.com/ and http://www.autoraja.org/

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  2. There are four Entrepreneurs I would say, including you lakshmi.
    & Well said Ms. Aishwarya( i am bad at spelling names, sorry for that).

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