5 Biggest MYTHS of Software Development (for BEGINNERS only)

People are who brand new to coding/programming have some interesting ideas about what software development is. In today’s video I try straighten some of those perceptions out. Hope you enjoy!

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29 Comments on “5 Biggest MYTHS of Software Development (for BEGINNERS only)”

  1. On the point of getting help with your code… I am a senior developer at my company, and I've been doing this job for a long time. So, keep in mind, junior developer, or "newbie" developer, that if you ask me to help you with your code, chances are pretty good that I am not going to FIX your code. I'm probably going to rewrite it in a completely different way. One of the pitfalls of being new at it is that you are probably going to do some things in a fundamentally broken way – a way that can't be fixed. It has to be rewritten in the right way. And that takes time. So, like Andy is saying, don't expect a quick fix to bad code.

  2. FYI Actually Neo cannot read the code when he is out the matrix because it is more complex and something he is not use to seeing, Cypher himself does not even see the code that is why he say's "I don’t even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, red-head. Hey, you uh… want a drink?" LOL but anyways, Awesome video dude keep it up bub.

  3. I would say software development is more similar to engineering than a science unless if you do machine learning.

  4. You never "memorize" things, you understand them.
    You don't memorize 3278 > 780
    you understand it

  5. ppl who do not understand shit think that you sit to write a code and in 2 mins you have fully working application and dont need to google out a shit, or that if you can code you know all that there is and you can make games, apps ,web pages everything that they imagine…. i learning for fun and for future job game design, guy think if i can make super mario clone i should now make gta 5 online alone in one month

  6. Looks at the code of shortest path algorithm
    No profit
    Searches Google for IQ test
    Got 108
    Reads the code again
    No profit
    Shutdowns computer

  7. I can vouch for the "People getting jobs without a degree" I just landed my first junior full stack developer job after years of looking. It was so annoying but I finally did it and the road to this was worth it and I know theres more to go.

  8. Aight I know this is off topic as fuck but you look like that one guy who round house kicked a lady that was recording him lmao

  9. Myth 6: When you write code, you must be typing at least 200 characters/sec.
    Myth 7: Every Software developer is a hacker, because obviously if you can code, you can hack.

  10. I have ZERO interest in working for a large corporation, EVER! Been there, done that, in other fields while completing my cis degree years ago. What I am interested in are small start-ups that possibly hire remote workers. Any good resources for finding start-ups? I've looked through places like dice.com, monster, indeed, etc… I'm wondering If there are any start-up centric publications or websites that have company profiles I can review. I want to work for a company who's product I ultimately believe in. A product that provides me with as much intrinsic motivation as it does challenging me to do good work.

  11. I think that the whole "You won;t get into programing without college myth" was paid and created by college itself cuz they would start loosing that $$$ money.

  12. Programming snt an art belive me, and you can be passionate and if you are an idiot you cant program for shit

  13. Thanks for yet another great video. My brother, who is a software developer, looked at my code on Christmas Eve and gave me heavy criticism. Why? Because he cares and wants to see me succeed. But he also told me that I've been improving on my skills. I plan on applying at his work as an intern in February and I'm improving on my soft skills overall. Couldn't ask for a better mentor

  14. Thanks Andy, you're the man. I know you really push this channel towards new developers / self-taught developers. It helps every one though. I'm kind of an interesting case because I took the "standard" route for becoming a developer. 25 years old now, 4 year CS degree, a couple years job experience, and I'm still literally one of the worst devs ever. Not exaggerating, for example I can barely understand nested for loops. To anyone out there who's studying and learning, take my advice and follow this channel to a T. The advice is all very great, and you won't succeed unless you have the same mindset / views as Andy and guys like Brad Traversy. If anyone has any questions or anything about my experience or where it went wrong, you can definitely learn from my story so you don't have the same problems.

  15. The fact that you said coding isn't an exact science really got me over a mental block, I'm doing a course at home and whenever I saw a difference between my code and the person I'm learning from I felt a little weird, even though my code still works.

  16. Hello Andy I am trying to do this as class projects but I am stuck how you can help me to get this done any resources ?

    The CLI Contact App is an app that allows you to:

    Create a contact and save it to an SQL Database

    Read or display these contacts as a whole or separately (with more details).

    Update a contact in the the database.

    Delete a contact in the database.

    A contact should be defined at least with this:


    phone number



    The App should be Object Oriented Programing (OOP) instead of Procedural

    The contacts should be saved in a SQLite database (instead of a local file)

    Using Git/Github for version control

    Using TDD (Test Driven Development) to test each feature

  17. Glad to hear you debunk the whole talent myth. My dad used to coach hockey and the guys who made it to the big time (NHL) were almost to a man not the most talented but they were the ones who put more time and effort into it then everyone else. He taught me that the talented ones tended to coast on auto pilot and usually plateau before they got anywhere. Since it came to them easily there was little motivation to push themselves.

  18. Your videos are appealing because they are about real experiences. All reality no gimmick.

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