Big-Ticket Clients 022: Judy Robinett, Startup Funding Expert and Author of "Crack the Funding Code

In this episode, we meet Judy Robinett, Startup Funding Expert and Author of “Crack the Funding Code.” Judy helps people and businesses achieve breakthrough results through powerful connections. Her book “How to be a Power Connector: the 5-50-150 Rule for Turning Your Business Network into Profits” was published by McGraw-Hill in May 2014 – named the #1 Business Book of 2014 by Inc. magazine.

My favorite Quotes from Judy Robinett:

“They can break you, but they can’t eat you!” (when you feel overwhelmed with challenges).

“Most people are in the wrong room…you need strategic networking!”

“Just because you’ve been drinking your own koolaid, doesn’t mean prospects will automatically drink it too!”

“I always tell my entrepreneurs…Your job is to get that 2nd date!”

“You need to demonstrate the passion behind your work, and why YOU are the best person to bring your product to market.”

“How to cure your FEAR..remember, everybody’s problem is someone else’s solution!”

“The 3Cs: (1) Be Coachable, (2) Have Confidence, the opposite of fear (3) Have a good Character…it’s always on display.”

“Know you, like you, trust you = fund you!”

“Referrals are the BEST way to market yourself.” (Strategic networking).

“Always ask, ‘who else do I need to talk to?”

“You need to go where your clients are!”

“Don’t stay in the wrong (networking) room, where everyone is broke!”

“You have to shake the tree to get the apples to fall…but it’s the never the tree you shake they come from!” (Get out there and work hard…doors will open!)

How to reach Judy:

Google: Judy Robinett



Judy’s Book:

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