Michelle Obama's 10 Rules For Success

Michelle Obama’s 10 Rules for success

She is an American lawyer and writer.

She was the first lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. As the first lady, she advocated for poverty awareness, nutrition, physical activity, education, and many other things. She is married to the 44th president of the United States Barack Obama.

She is Michelle Obama and here are here 10 rules for success!

Michelle Obama’s 10 Rules For Success:
1. Be Authentic
2. Use Adversity
3. Do Not be Afraid to Fail
4. Have a Good Inner Circle
5. Have Fun in the Journey
6. Have a Plan
7. Choose Your Path
8. Fail and Get Back Up
9. Follow Your Instinct
10. Read

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  1. The things you said one thing u forgot is the Obamas did nothing for black community took a "racist" to do prison reform to give kids from a ghetto a chance to go to better schools or most importantly they did nothing for lack of jobs in black communities

  2. All this people who got famous and rich or "got to the top" barely even worked to get where they are now,most or most likely all have sold their souls and have done deals with the devil in exchange for more power,wealth,or fame.

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