Rebecca Minkoff On Supporting Women Entrepreneurs | Morning Joe | MSNBC

On International Women’s Day, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff tells Mika Brzezinski why she established the Female Founder Collective.
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Rebecca Minkoff On Supporting Women Entrepreneurs | Morning Joe | MSNBC

25 Comments on “Rebecca Minkoff On Supporting Women Entrepreneurs | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. BUT, If you want to have a men's club, (The Olympic Club, SF Ca.) you get dragged to court and told you must admit women, then it's a different story. Reverse discrimination…….

  2. Like that woman who wasted billions of dollars on that home blood test machine right?

  3. But dealing with a company because the founder is female… is SEXIST! So much for equality!

  4. So much butt-hurt in this comment section. Lol! I think it's smart and I'm impressed that she made it happen.

  5. another distraction tactic to take public attention away from the indictments and jail sentences that are being given to his cronies.

  6. This is flat out sexism, that would be illegal if it was reversed. They keep reporting this bogus statistic about women earning less … if there is a single job where women are victims of wage discrimination, there will be an immediate lawsuit, as there has been for 30 years. If you compare a man with 30 years of experience and a woman with 5 years of course there will be a different wage – but its based on expertise not gender.

  7. Of course he is young women have a lot to learn but that doesn’t mean delegitimizing their issues…These are issues that are important to the American people also…so remember that when you vote

  8. Does this mean, as a male, I should boycott female authors and film directors? Are we there yet?

  9. Holy fuzzy cats! How sexist and misandrist is this! Did you even stop for a second to think about how would it sound if it were the other way around? A man asking to label products made only by men and encouraging people to buy more from them just because they're male? And still you keep pushing the debunked lie of the 80c/usd wage gap in order to justify your sexist agenda? This is pathetic.

  10. sleezzzzzzyyyyyyyy just a marketing scheme to sell their products it's mostly BS. There are better ways to support women in business.

  11. (yawn)

    Make a good product, and I'll buy your brand.

    I'm not doing business just because you're a woman.

  12. Can just imagine if a man stood up and asked, "give me a list of company's owned by women and jews". Never mind why he wants to know. You want to be sexist girls ?do it the Covert way; sneaky. Don't expect taxpayers to print you a label.

  13. and, ivanka gets 100 million dollars from pres. trump's budget for "women of the world ' not for children or the elderly of America . Why is that?

  14. Is this only in the US because business women in Canada may be interested in this as well.  As a business owner myself, I would love to have this symbol for myself.

  15. I understand Rebecca Minkoff's good intention, however it is sexist. Should we also label a business that is run by a man. Of course not.

  16. Hello Mika.???.
    Exceptional reporting, Mika.??????????.
    Keep on digging, Mika.?.
    ??Patience democrats, patience.?.

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