Startup Funding Explained – Seed Round and Stock Option Pool (Part II)

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– Startup Funding Explained –
After incorporating and dedicating time to the business, the fictitious company we’re analyzing in this series is doing great: The two founders managed to build the product, launch it, and are generating revenue.

Let’s assume that our company is a SaaS business (software as a service).

It has $30,000 in monthly recurring revenue: that’s customer subscriptions. It’s also consistently growing at 10% per month, which translates to around 300% in annual growth.

What’s coming up for them? We’ll cover it in this episode!

0:28 – Seed Round
2:35 – Convertible Notes
4:40 – Stock Option Pool

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17 Comments on “Startup Funding Explained – Seed Round and Stock Option Pool (Part II)”

  1. I do not agreed that is debt and if convert later the founder loses too much. The investor must be there for good and bad time. Not only for good time.

  2. Hey! I will like to know how would it work for a Biotech company, as a big part of the first part is R&D, so FFF money might be not enough.
    Great channel by the way

  3. Really valuable content! I'll be pitching soon so you've definitely landed yourself another future customer.

    I know you guys touched on equity splits in one of your past videos… but, maybe an in-depth video on equity splits amongst founders could be fruitful? And how to determine what's fair in regards to different circumstances? i.e. founders that join the MVP later than others, are part-time, provide less value, etc?

  4. 6:40 I believe its the employees who buy the shares at the strike price and make a profit, and not the company buying. Or I may be learning something new here, more info would be great.

    Great vid thou, keep up the good work.

  5. Not a single dislike. Exactly how I like it 😊. Thanks for that awesome discussion, I’m learning a lot from this series, and I’ll be pitching my tech starting next month. I’ll need some slides 😉🎊

  6. Caya before you and your co-founders got Slidebean, have you guys been employed?
    Being yourself a foreigner, how did you make money, survive and bootstrap your way up to where you are now?

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