Startup Funding – Part 2 – Sources of Funding

What are the sources of startup funding? Where can we get funds for our startups from? What are the different stages of funding? What kind of returns do investors look for? This is in continuation to the previous video and is the second part to the 3 part series on Startup funding.

Part 1 – Pre-Requisites for Funding –
Part 2 – Sources of Funding –
Part 3 – Process of Funding.

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In this video I am going to talk about the different forms and modes of funding through which startups can raise funding. I will also talk about the different sources of funding (Equity funding, Angel investors, Venture Capitals, Private Equity, Debt Funding, Crowdfunding) along with the stages of startup funding (Bootstrapping, Inception, Series A Funding, Early Stage funding, Series B funding, Series C funding) and expected returns.

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