Swindon’s Women Entrepreneurs

Free association is good, and entrepreneurialism is even better.

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27 Comments on “Swindon’s Women Entrepreneurs”

  1. Maybe they should all just partake in a bikini contest called "The Lovely Ladies of Swindon" with me, chief Patriarch as the judge.

  2. I have no doubt that if men do this they will be slandered and attacked. Do I have to remind you that only 1 man shelter was attacked and protested etc

  3. I dont care either if women want an all female company. However they and the public should shut the fuck up about all male companies then WHICH THEY WONT.

    Just face it already most women are children. If you dont know this you are a young man without experience. There are few women who can take care of themselves without complaining. The rest of them will complain and use feminism to attack men for everything – even though men built up the whole society so they could come out and work, and be independent in it.

  4. Silly Sargon, letting women come together creates equality movements. 100 years from know allowing women to meet together will be seen as the biggest mistake of our time. Women aren't equal so screw the optics and call this what it is, communism in action.

  5. Swindon of akkad

    (Or perhaps more accurately Sargon of Swindon, for which you have my condolences)

  6. As usual, women need support to do something that men take for granted. But they are better than us; strong and empowered!

  7. "Entrepreneurs" exploit their employees hard work so they can profit and live off it. They use all kinds of bullshit euphemisms to justify it but it is undeniable. Scum of the earth.

  8. Sargon, Sargon, you're getting old and soft. Don't you remember that as a leading figure of the alt-right incel misogyny cult you have to hate everything women do?

  9. It’s so hypocritical. If ever, EVER a man did this it would get shut down and ridiculed. Woman already have government help in entropeneurship, why are all these female supremacists allowed to do this if we cant? I’m not even saying I’d WANT a male only hep centre for male entropeneurs because I’m not a sexist and I don’t see gender when it comes to workmanship. I’m so tired of this double standard.

  10. you are correct that people should be able to freely associate, and the example you gave earlier in the video about it being okay for there to be women only jams so long as the men only gyms are allowed to freely exist as well.

    The argument that people like me have is that we have no problem with any particular group being allowed to do as they wish or to argue against identity only association so long as they are subject to the exact same rules that they wish enforced on everyone else. On top of that, these rules should be enforced aggressively.

    I cannot remember exactly who it was that said it, but a while back there was a statement from some guy where he roughly said that the best way to get rid of a bad law was to enforce that law aggressively and indiscriminately, and it was either him or someone else that expanded upon that statement by saying the quickest way to make this happen is to be sure that women face the burden of this law first. Burdoning women is the fastest way in our societies to ensure that bad rules are removed.

  11. "Women create a group" A surprising headline would be if they created something other than a group.

  12. Women start a women only group: everyone cheers

    Men start a men only group: labeled a hate group almost instantly

    Oh yeah, that's completely fair …

  13. If women think working in a male dominated work place is bad then try working in a female dominated work place as a man. Infinitely worse with no recourse.

  14. Clubs and groups of any kind are good for societal cohesion. School shooters would not shoot up a school of the belonged to a gun club. People notice if you're feeling blue and not attending the club and they reach out.

  15. There are no leftists with any talent, skills, knowledge or know how in any sort of way. The only way they get anywhere in life is by taking it away from someone who has made it.

  16. As someone who lived in Swindon, i liked it. Its not the prettiest city – there are problems with pioverty and terrible schools – but I liked nearly everyone I met. Its a good place.

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