Top 10 Plugins For WordPress 2018 | Must Have Plugins For WordPress!

Do You Want To See Some Of The Best Plugins For WordPress In 2018? In This WordPress Video, Ill share a list of some of the best plugins i have used and found for wordpress. The wordpress plugins range from push notifications to page builder plugins which are really helpful and essential for most wordpress websites out there. Below are some links directly to the wordpress plugins:

1. OneSignal Plugin – (Push Notification Plugin)

2. IceGram Plugin – (Popup Notifications)

3.All in One Wp Migration – (Backup Plugin)

4. Really Simple SSL ( GreenPadlock Plugin)

5.Wp Fastest Cache – ( Caching Plugin)

6. WPS Hide Login ( Hides Wp-Admin)

7. WP Smush ( Reduces Image Sizes)

8.Tidio Live Chat (Live Chat Plugin)

9.Yoast Seo (Indexes Your WordPress Website)

10. FaceBook Messenger – ( Grants FaceBook Integration)


Elementor – Best Free Page Builder For WordPress
WooCommerce- Best eCommerce Platform For WordPress
Wordfence – Best Security Plugin For WordPress

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  1. Hey Darrel – good video man. I have been doing marketing for a few years now, and have heard the same thing about email marketing becoming obsolete – we still do it, however.

  2. Do you know of any Chat Plugin for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other on a classified ad website?

  3. Haven't tried them all yet but I can recommend 'SMUSH' for photo heavy sites. It take awhile to work through the images but it's worth it! Thanks for the posting

  4. i want to find a plugin that creates a listing like you list products but not sell anything just view more button and when you click will lead you to another page. Basically i want to create a static page where i'll create a listing of all the music albums i want and when you click at one of them you will go to a page for more more info. Do you know anything like that?

  5. Hey Darrel, sorry I can't find how to make a site mobile friendly, can you please point me in the right direction?, Thanks so much in advance!

  6. I wanna tell you about Hide my WP plugin

    It changes your wordpress source files so the "hackers" won't know if your site is wordpress or not

  7. Wow, pop-up and notifications plugins. All the ingredients for a cancer website. Surprised you didnt add a 'scroll down automatically everytime you visit' plugin

  8. I’m trying to figure out how to share a post from my website to Facebook and the post video is auto playing on the article

  9. Hello Sir , Can you please let me know which is the best plugin for referrals account like affiliate marketing and Also please let me know any alternative of wp-tree

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