Professional Business Coaching: Micromanaging

The reason you have interruptions is becauseyour subconscious mind is attracting them to you.

They come to you because they needapproval every step of the way, or they come to you because, because, because.

and you'redoing this to retain control, to micromanage because you don't trust them to do the jobwell or you don't trust them, maybe you feel that they might be stealing from you, stealingtime, stealing money, stealing whatever.

And that's probably an issue inside of you ifthey are doing it.

Why would you attract people like that into your business, or why wouldthey develop into that and you're tolerating it? Identify all these things.

Why is it thatyou need to micromanage everything in the business, keeping you from being able to growyour business? This is just to give you an example of what it's costing you.

Source: Youtube