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Over the years, companies have given increasing thought to their branding and focusing on innovative advertising strategies to promote their products and services. There are different types of advertising. Examples of advertising include both online and offline advertising that focuses on the specific product that the company makes. While some companies focus on their products and highlight their benefits, others promote the brand as a whole by writing their own advertising slogan.

The promotion of a product, a service or a company increases its visibility and increases its customer base. The products in advertisements are presented in such a way that they gain maximum mass attraction and increase their sales.

However, advertising is not just a tool for companies to increase their sales and profits. Advertising also attracts more attention to a particular brand and its products. A company tries to expand its customer base through its advertising examples and to increase customer loyalty to its products.

The following are some of the most popular brands that have won multiple hearts for their unique promotional ideas. Each of the following companies have used specific advertising styles to promote their manufactured products. Be it social media advertisements or their appearance on television, the following companies have some of the best advertising samples to draw the crowd.

Best Examples of Creative Publicity

We have compiled the list of the best examples of creative publicity that has forced people to look at it with awe.

1. BBC Dracula Billboard

BBC attracted millions of people across the UK through its out-of-the-box advertising strategy for Dracula Billboard. The company set up billboards across the UK with several steaks hammered on them. The arrangement of the steaks made for the real thrill at night, when the shadow of the steaks formed the face of a vampire. This advertised the Dracula Billboard show on the one hand, but also implemented an innovative advertising strategy to attract people's attention.

It's obvious that the company didn't go for mainstream advertising through social media or television and came up with such an innovative idea of ​​promoting their show across the UK. But what was so different about it?

In fact, putting up billboards is nothing great, but the arrangement of the steaks and their reflection certainly was. Not only did the company want to attract people down this path, but also to anchor the image of their show in their minds.

2. Always: Like a Girl

Always is one of the most unique examples of social media advertising. The company's #LikeAGirl tagline caused a stir on social media as it empowered young women and made them feel more confident. The idea behind the advertising phrase was the idea of ​​accepting yourself and not feeling inferior.

The buzzword #LikeAGirl went viral on social media and young girls started using the phrase more than ever. It gave girls a lot of encouragement and self-acceptance without comparing to boys. The ad made them believe they were just as stronger, contrary to popular belief.

The promotional samples mentioned in this section explain the marketing strategies of some globally recognized companies and how these have affected their target customers. It is evident that all of these ads focused on creating innovative or eye-catching ads to grow their customer base.

3. Debeers: A diamond is forever

Debeer is one of the most important jewelry companies that started its popular advertising slogan “A diamond is forever”. It signified the importance of engagement rings associated with perpetual marriages. Debeers made a significant change in the industry, with sales of diamond rings in general, and Debeers rings in particular, skyrocketing.

The company based its advertising on a simple love message about the importance of marriage. It took advantage of people's romantic ideas about marriage and presented them pictorially through the advertising slogan. Although Debeers rarely did extensive advertising, they were all built around this slogan.

4. Cadbury Silk: "Kiss Me" Jingle

Cadbury has won a million hearts for its innovative way of promoting its products. The company believes in focusing solely on its products and designing advertising strategies accordingly. One of the company's most popular commercials is its "Kiss me" jingle, which was developed to promote Cadbury Silk. The chocolate company had a love for chocolate among couples and the tradition of giving chocolate to one another. The advertisement aired during Valentine's Day and won the hearts of most couples.

The ad also portrayed the thrill of enjoying a Cadbury Silk bar and how it affects love and intimacy among couples. The name Cadbury Silk was also a symbol of the rich taste of love and suppleness in relationships. The advertisement should increase intimacy between couples and spread the love of Valentine's Day through their advertisements.

5. Dove : Healthy skin over beautiful skin

Dove is known for being one of the first beauty brands to challenge normative standards of beauty for women. It also encourages them to choose healthy skin products over beautiful skin. The product uses the emotions of its customers and designs its product campaigns accordingly. Dove promotes its products by showing how it encourages women to accept their true beauty and be confident. The company is also known for the strong promotional message it spreads through the marketing of its products.

Dove advertising is also popular because of its very empowering content. It deconstructs the concept of beauty and incorporates women of different age groups as part of its advertising. The company also ensures that the original feedback from users is in their ads. For example, one of the company's televised advertisements included ratings from housewives who used pigeons.

On the one hand, this has greatly empowered the women who stayed at home, but it also encourages them to buy the products as they have received the most honest reviews from the customers. This was indeed one of Dove's most innovative promotional examples.

6. Nike: Just do it

The brand's slogan, Nike has a huge impact on the crowd. The slogan “Just do it” comes from Wieden Kennedy, an independent marketing agency for Nike's huge television advertising. This ad includes female athletes who have participated in multiple sporting events such as running, basketball, cross training, and walking.

Dan Wieden, the founder of the marketing agency, said: "Each spot was developed by a different creative team and was clearly different from the others". This advertisement had an inspiring effect on the masses. The response from the audience was remarkable. Wieden says: "The general public has surprised us all."

The slogan spread in the field of athletics and this slogan gradually appeared in T-shirt prints, fridge magnets, sippers, etc. on this slogan advertising in which women represented empowerment through participation in sport.

This event was followed by another advertisement, published in 1995, in which women claimed their right to participate in sports. The portrayal of women doing sports hit the mass psyche and made them think about the conventional domestication of women. Women who had lifted their imposed restrictions began to support this advertising campaign. This resulted in people buying products from this company. Here, too, the slogan “Just do it” served as inspiration for the youth. With the message "carry on in life without thinking about it".

Nike's slogan “Just Do It” became so popular and famous that it was often used as a popular catchphrase by young people to motivate one another. The slogan gives individuals a sense of self-confidence. It is thus evident that this advertisement has expanded the company's target customer base and gained great popularity through its slogan.

7. Loreal: Because we are worth it

L’oreal Paris celebrated its 50th birthday on the occasion of International Women's Day. The slogan that this company has used is "Because we are worth it". The company said, “The brand has worked tirelessly to break down barriers. From groundbreaking science and innovations that empower women through beauty to his diverse family of global speakers, Loreal Paris continues to challenge stereotypes. Giving women the confidence and power to take the place they deserve in society. ”This line affirms the self-worth of women who feel ashamed of something or nothing for years after years. The idea of ​​shaming women for their mistakes was rated negatively by this line. This deserved endorsement for women had a massive impact on the masses.

This resulted in the mass buying various products from the company. The second survey, conducted in collaboration with Ipsos, found how one of the three people who are sexually harassed gets the strength to survive through this slogan.

This company has also taken the initiative to counteract any street harassment by women who happen to be very public. In this way we offer women a safe space and encourage them to fight against all odds in order to survive in a male-dominated society. These initiatives have had a very good impact on the masses of Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, France, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

8. Apple: Think different

The brand's slogan "Think different" came into the spotlight after the sudden death of Steve Jobs. This slogan was received positively by IBM. Apple launched its products with this slogan. Be it television advertising, print advertising or other television advertising. This slogan was received very positively by the crowd.

For this slogan the company won many prestigious awards such as the Emmy Award 1998 for the best commercial advertisement. Also in 2000 they won the Grand Effie Award for spreading a remarkable advertising campaign. The success of such an advertisement was so great – people saw it as a marketing force.

This campaign was successful in arousing the emotions of the masses. This advertisement influenced the audience when they saw the revolutionaries. The ad campaign seemed very appealing to the common sense that urges us to think differently.

The masses began to think differently. This appeal obviously led them to purchase products from this company. Gradually, the company became popular in countries like America, France, Canada, Australia, India, and many other countries that can afford Apple. The campaign took advantage of the appeal, which was able to successfully evoke the thinking skills of the masses. Billboards, billboards and magazines were full of Apple advertisements with the slogan "think different".

The repeated addressing of the masses through countless promotions had a positive influence on them to think differently and thus to buy from the company.

9. M & Ms: Melts in your mouth

M & Ms are button-shaped chocolates that are available in different colors, with the company's name printed on the chocolates. There are several slogans from M & Ms swaying the crowds to try the taste of it. The slogan that became famous among the masses of America is “Melts in your Mouth, not in your hand”. This slogan makes him the most likable among the masses. This is one of the brand's strategies of creating a candy that doesn't melt easily due to the shell that binds the chocolate inside. Researchers say it has become a part of the lifestyle that people keep talking about.

The product was mainly made for children, but has gotten better through its creative slogans and of course the advertising campaign. After the Second World War, there was a shift among the candy eaters, with men and women having access to candy in addition to children.

This is how the company succeeded in soliciting support from both the children and their parents. The company has made a huge impact on American culture over the past 80 years. The colors also provide fun for consumers and influence them more to buy the candies. The company also received awards for producing a television commercial. This again helped the company reach out to consumers. However, this company's tagline appears to have an important role in influencing mass psychology.

Simple but clever examples of advertising campaigns

Here are some examples of simplicity at its best.

1. KFC

The slogan for KFC is finger licking. The company targets the visual sensory parts of the body. The company's advertising and billboards are mostly focused on showcasing their food products in a great way. When preparing such a hydrangea, the salivary glands are tickled. Mostly they seal their recipes as punch of secret spices.

They also play with the element of surprise. Next, the main color code throughout KFC's ambience is red. Red is a bright color that attracts people's attention faster than any other color. They design their advertisements and posters in such a way that the color code catches the eye more quickly and has a lasting effect.

The company also plays with the image that is popularly seen with the food. They present food in such a way that it is very desirable. This makes people want to try KFC more often and leads to an increase in the company's sales. Whether it's a chicken bucket or a burger, the ads show the product enlarged and thus appear more desirable. Such a projection fits perfectly with the company's slogan, which when you look at the food you actually believe it is good.

2. McCain

This primarily frozen food company advertises itself to attract wholesalers and buyers. The company pursues the slogan of preparing meals in the blink of an eye.

It focuses on entering the market who likes to prepare their food in the blink of an eye. The displays convey the message of how food can be prepared in the blink of an eye. Advertisements draw attention to the new frozen products.

The company's logo means the drastic change in the company's logo along with the change in its branding. McCain creates a homely atmosphere in advertising, which means that the company can fit into almost any budget.

It is obvious that the company does not have lavish advertisements. Rather, it's about getting a simple message across to your target customers about the ease with which McCain cooks food.

3. Vero Moda

The Vero Moda Usp is a mix of style and comfort. Vera Moda, one of the top-selling retail stores in Europe, was able to establish itself worldwide. Vera Moda advertising must not be as conspicuous or distinguish it from other brands.

Nevertheless, the brand tries to maintain its subtle feminine character, which has been its main characteristic from the start. The company's advertising is based on subtlety and elegance. It combines these two adjectives to create some of the nicest ads and attract a significant number of customers.

Vera Moda advertising has reached new heights due to the birth of her social media trade. The social media handle managed to present the brand in a great way. Everyday fodder along with advertising their new product launches have helped them increase their sales by a substantial amount.

4. Nivea

The slogan "It begins with you". The company promotes the virtue of self-love and self-power and makes a range of beauty products that help people feel good about themselves. Nivea's global advertising creates feel-good vibes about yourself and ensures that you can identify with the idea that men too can be aware of their body and feel good. The Nivea brand takes its slogan seriously and ensures that all advertisements comply with the slogan.

The Nivea slogan aims to build self-confidence and prioritize yourself. The prioritization always starts with the body and Nivea uses it to advertise its products. It also removes the inherent gender binary in the construction of normative beauty by including skin care and cosmetic products for men.

5. Philip Morris International

As the holding company and the company that brought products like Marlboro to the market, the tagline in this case would get people's attention the most. The company was the parent company for many brands of cigarettes, from Virginia Slims to Raffles. People consider these cigarettes to be the elite cigarettes and each of them has its own slogan.

For example, Marlboro is "Mild as a May". The slogans are usually simple. The company's sole goal is to deliver products that will cause minimal harm to people. The company primarily trades in goodwill and advertises its products in an elitist manner that also creates a similar image in the minds of the people who consume it.

The company began to revolutionize the tobacco industry through its innovative advertising even after the growing awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco. She mainly used the concept of masculinity to gain the support of her customers, who were lured into trying out her products by her promotional strategies.

The promotional samples used by Philip Morris are indeed credible as, unlike most of the items, the company made a highly controversial item – cigarettes. Nonetheless, the company repeatedly managed to stay out of the public eye with its superior advertising mechanisms.

6. Budweiser: Whassup

One of the earliest commercials for beer was that of Budweiser, which popularized the slogan "What's up". It was mainly done to promote pop culture. Perceived as annoying at the time, the company revived the same commercial in 2020 as part of the Covid relief measures. The annoying advertising has a lot of nostalgia in it, but it has attracted a large number of consumers. The revitalization of old ads has helped the company expand its customer base.

The ad samples mentioned in this section show how companies have started to adopt a new way of marketing their products that involves sending a simple message . This message basically corresponds to the company's mission and sheds sufficient light on its products.

7. Lay & # 39; s

As one of the most popular chip manufacturers in the world, Lay & # 39; s has set an innovative advertising example for the world. The company has implemented different ads for each of its products. Lay has also incorporated a local twist in its advertising based on the flavors to create significant mass appeal.

The company's advertisements also take into account the demographic tastes and preferences of its target customers. For example, the company focuses on the native flavors of each region when running its ads. This attracts significant people to its products and increases the brand's popularity.

Lay & # 39; s is also popular for implementing celebrity marketing strategies to promote its products. Some of their promotional examples include those that involve the most popular and popular celebrities from Bollywood in India to show their love for a product. The company could attract these celebrities' following and expand its customer base through its new and innovative marketing channels.


It is evident that advertising campaigns play a key role in promoting a company's products and services and in attracting a larger customer base. Over the years, various companies have implemented multiple advertising strategies and the best advertising examples are listed above. These advertising examples show a different and innovative marketing strategy of each company and the thinking process behind it. The examples also show how companies design their advertising based on their target customers.

One thing is certain, all of these companies want to grab customers' attention by creating innovative and ready-to-use content. Gone are the days when companies directly advertised their products and services without providing them with content. Today's world is all about how to promote your products and services in the competitive market.

The advertising samples also prove that the audience or target customers need engaging content in order to attract them to the products or the company, and this aspect of customer behavior makes a lot of sense. In a competitive market where most companies sell similar or slightly different products for the same price, the key is how the products are presented and how they grab customers' attention.


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