Detailed video on Startup funding and Investment

This video will highlights all the different sources of funding available to you like
2.seed funding

We had also covered the various type of investors in this video
1.angel investor
2.venture capitalist
3.accelerators and incubators
by the end of this video, you can easily understand the ways to calculate the valuation of the startup and how equity is going to be distributed among the co-founders.
This video will help you to get the answer to all these questions:L-
1.Startup funding process
2.How startup ar funded in India in 2019
3.How a startup can take government help for funding
4. Various stages involved in startup funding early-stage startup is funded in India
6.How startup funding works in India

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  1. Microsoft made 3 billionaire and 12K millionaire ,,,i mean in what term. ….does they have that money in cash or stock or where they can sell these stocks to get desired money ?

  2. Sir ek aur sawal hai
    *Koi product hai 500 rs ka Flipkart pe hai aur wo uspe 15% commission khata hai yani Flipkart ka hissa man lo 75 hogya uspe …ab ispe delivery bhi Flipkart deta hai to chalo 50 bachte hai uske pass us product pe fir taxes kat ke bhi man lo 40 bachte hoge chalo man liya uspe bhi 20 rs uska advertising pe jata hoga …10 rupay kat lete hai employee ka kharcha …ab sirf 10 rupay bache ye bhi kat lo man ke ki bhai sasta dera hai auro ke mukable…ya phir dusre product pe jiski commison kam hai waha manage kar raha hai..ok….to phir #inhe to no loss no profit hona chahiye n# thik hai ekhad bar loss, 2 ,3 bar loss lekin jabse ye company hai tabse ye loss khati hai ?…. profit chodo ye to break even point pe bhi nahi ati…aur sir funding uska kya usse to gina hi nahi…wo kya ye founders apni jeb me dalte …upar ki batein sir sirf ek product ki hai…is saal Flipkart ka 150 cr din ka revenue tha..phir inki aise halat q ? Sir ispe bhi video banau

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