Elon Musk DOESN’T Give a DAMN About Your COLLEGE Degree

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Elon Musk gives advice and talks about why he doesn’t care about a college degree. Elon Musk says I don’t give a damn about your college degree because it is not an indicator whether you are going to be successful or not. Musk talks about why a high school degree is also not an indicator of success. The truth is that college is not for everyone, and people become successful with or without a college degree.

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24 Comments on “Elon Musk DOESN’T Give a DAMN About Your COLLEGE Degree”

  1. Now that’s why Elon musk is my idol, not only for school, but also for life, for everything.
    I hope I’ll be like him when I’ll be an adult. Now I go to school, but I’m learning a lot of new things by myself, because I know school will never teach you “how to own a business”…
    Anyway, fantastic idea starting a YouTube channel! Well done!

  2. Alpha Leaders the best motivating page I ever seen on Instagram. Thank you so much for us Motivating doses Daily and changing our view about college degree & real Life ✌️

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