How A Midlife Crisis Led to Entrepreneurship

Ambras brewery in Noduwez, Belgium was created by Philippe Millet, who has perfected and crafted only one blonde beer of 6.5% ABV. Subscribe to the adventure

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This channel is a Valuetainment Production with Jeff Bradford as the host. Jeff and Patrick were best friends in the U.S Army and are still friends today. Subscribe and follow the journey.


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20 Comments on “How A Midlife Crisis Led to Entrepreneurship”

  1. Nice… Love it, although I don't agree with the political message (as a Flemish person) 😉
    Never tasted it although I've tasted quite a few in my time.
    My dad used to be a wine importer. He ran a branch of a Portuguese company called BARREIRO (vinhos sociedade do…).
    Yesterday and today the 'Dodentocht' was happening in Belgium, in which I participated twice as well. It used to go right through the breweries of Duvel and Palm. 100 km walking. Fun and challenging to say the least. A Valuetainment sponsored team would be fun!
    The breweries of Westvleteren or Delirium Tremens should be quite interesting to visit as well if you get access to it. Westmalle is also a very renowned trappist beer. Or De Koninck…

  2. Nice videos you guys are doing, if you have the time search for "Clinica de bere" from Timisoara Romania, it means The beer clinic, the same, they are local beer makers and theyr beer is very good, have a nice day

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