How To Pitch To Investors With 13 Slides In Under 10 Minutes

Updated June 16, 2014: For a copy of the 13 slides used in this video, download them here:

This video shares a proven investor pitch deck that will get you on the right track to presenting your opportunity to investors whether angel or VC. This model pitch deck can be delivered in 10 minutes or less, if there are no interruptions. It’s designed to grab investors’ interest and give them just enough information to generate lots of questions once you’ve finished your presentation.

There are two parts to How To Pitch To Investors With 13 Slides

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Part 1 covers the “What?” These are the 13 Slides that you should have in your investor pitch deck. Also, you’ll hear tips on how to get the investor excited about your opportunity.

Once you know what 13 Slides to use, Part 2 (begins at time code time code 00:27:27) will show you How To Pitch the deck. This is where you will learn how to have an amazing opening that will wake your audience up and grab their attention, a solid middle that will tell them who you are and what you do and a powerful, lasting, and memorable close that will leave them wanting more. Part 2 gives you tips and techniques on how to package the information about your company, product or service and deliver a really compelling investor pitch.

After watching this video, you will clearly understand and know how NOT to sound the S.A.M.E. as other presenters. And, you’ll be able to effectively use the Columbo Close, a powerful attention-getting tool, as the last words the investor will hear from you.

The information contained in this video is the result of the last 12 years of delivering workshops and coaching real people looking to raise capital. It’s the same information I give out in the first coaching session along with a homework assignment. This is not a sales presentation to get you to hire me. This video contains only “solid nourishment” and no “empty calories” to waste your time or money.

Here are a few who used this model deck:
-Glue Networks raised $4.5 million Series A raised $9.2 million Series B
-Sim Ops Studios raised $3 million Series A
-Abulla received 6 calls from VC’s after a 7 minute presentation
-Zazingo went into due diligence after their first meeting with a VC

Nathan Gold, the presenter in the video, coaches for the following organizations:
-Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
-Startup America Partnership
-UP Global
-IDG/DEMO Conferences
-Citrix Startup Accelerator
-DLA Piper Venture Pipeline Group
-SVForum Investor Forum
-Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy
-Rocketspace Jumpstart Program

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22 Comments on “How To Pitch To Investors With 13 Slides In Under 10 Minutes”

  1. Hello Nathan, do you sell de second part of the video? how can I get it? Do you have any Website where I can but it? Thank you very much.

  2. Hey… The video suddenly stops at 27:37, could you please share link for rest of the part? As pointed out by someone above. :)

  3. Nice and useable video. However, in these days of overload on investment opportunities, I think you should OFFER something to the investors, not only ASK them for the money you need to make it a succes, so on the Valuation part, in my oppinion, you should make a suggestion, depending on the type of investor you're looking for. If it is someone who fits perfectly in your plans (with smart money) , you're willing to give him more, than if it's someone just bringing (stupid) money…you'll have to be aware who're you talking to….

  4. Great tips! I did sort of this layup whit only papers, and did a good presentation, great results, so thanks!!!

  5. Great presentation and I will be using this info however, you did not go back and explain the missed opportunity at the beginning. You said most people miss a vital opportunity after the logo page. What was the missed opportunity, what was not good about just introducing yourself? Please verify, thank you sir. 

  6. Hello, Nathan!
    You video is very awesome!
    I have a question:
    – My team is developing a game to be released on AppStore / PlayStore.
    How can I demonstrate traction to the investors in this case?
    Because the game(product) is not yet finished and has not made any sales until the release day.
    I thought about showing the people´s feedback/interest curve as an alternative.
    What do you think?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  7. Thanks a lot Mr.Gold, I have an investor meet in two days now I know what to do thanks to you.. If I crack it and which I will. I would like to personally thank you!! 

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