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  1. Oh no, it’s just that this guy was a (real) dick. I had never complained
    about a teacher before, but this guy had a pretty questionable record; he
    told us that about 70% of his students dropped out from his class and that
    from the remaining 30%, only 40% of them passed. I mean, I understand some
    teachers want to express that whatever they teach isn’t easy, but I’m
    positive I can call this guy a dick without being unjustified.

  2. I failed this class last semester. Of course, my teacher didn’t make it
    seem so easy, it was all about subsets and hyper planes and counting and
    inverse matrices that represented unimaginable geometric figures. This
    stuff is so easy though. I can’t but wonder why some people try and be
    dicks when explaining this.

  3. thanks for this excellent technical aid, I surely send some moneys to my
    friend Patrick. Thanks Patrick, you are the best of the west and of the
    east too.

  4. Bro I just want to say I have watched a few of your videos and honestly
    they are really good, I now am going to take the time out to LIKE them
    thank you!! In a few Days I would like to post a video response about a
    difficult LP sum. Thank you

  5. your videos have a tendency to be posted at the exactly perfect time, i
    have a midterm on this in 2 days. THANK YOU

  6. I’ve tutored at a college and this is one of the subjects the students were
    learning. I loved helping them out with this and it was my first experience
    with Excel’s solver. Btw I’ve tutored many, many students and I often
    recommend your videos. Keep up the great work Patrick!

  7. what rule rules out any other point along the triangle formed by the shaded
    area being the maximum? and i think its better to just use use the slope
    intercept form when deciding what to shade, that will leave you a y> (shade
    above) or y< (shade below), some thing but much easier to see i think

  8. Just started learning this in class. It’s really easy. Although, I do
    prefer the rolling ruler method it just makes things quicker, especially
    when you have a lot of constraints.

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