Michael Jordan NBA 2K14 & Team-Building

Valuetainment Weekly – Episode 17. In a recent interview with 2K Sports, Michael Jordan discussed the four other players he would have included to build his dream team. In this episode, Patrick discusses the importance of finding your team to be successful in life.


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  1. — Michael Jordan NBA 2K14 & Team-Building —

    Key Takeaways (Team Building):
    The way the overachievers cover up their weakness is putting an incredible team around them. Like you would do for yourself (financial advisor, CPA, doctor, pastor, etc.) or your kids (coaches, teachers, friends, friends' parents).

  2. I've heard "You need a tribe to raise a child" but thought the phrase wasn't applicable to the western world seeing as we no longer do communal living. Viewing everyone that comes into contact with you child as a member of the tribe helps me reshape my view of the quote

  3. I actually read a book talking about helping put together a team. It stated that through bad experiences the lesson learned was that good judgement must be implemented when building a team. A team also reflects back on the leader. A great leader will also help develop a great team. With the proper guidance everyone can end up becoming better at what it is their goal is.

  4. Trying to be the best at everything is something I still struggle with. It's a very important point to build a team around you. I've also heard a saying that goes: "If you're the smartes person in the room then you're in the wrong room". We need great people around us to constantly level us up and raise us up to help us become better.

  5. Still going- great video. In fact, I used to get mad at people who are better than me at things, but I then realized that if you work with them and not against them, you can do much greater things, as they to have things that they lack, of which you excel in.

  6. Episode #53 – Great achievers find ways to overcome their weaknesses by putting an incredible team around them. When you're building a team it's not just about you trying to get good at everything that everybody's good at. You gotta work with your own strength. This is building a strong team of advisors. No matter what we do in life it'll come down to how good you can be on picking a solid strong team around you.

  7. Lesson: Teams are important. We can't focus and become the best at every aspect of life. We need to surround ourselves with others who are great at aspects that we are not, while we focus on our strengths. This is how to build a good team.

  8. Lesson 52 | Michael Jordan NBA 2K14 & Team Building
    – The over-achievers in any field build strong teams that have strengths in areas where they do not
    – They focus only on their strengths, and this way build amazing teams

  9. It's okay to have weaknesses and to not be great at everything. Gather a master mind with individuals that are much better than you at certain skills you are weak at and leverage all the combined skills together to achieve the common, central goal of the team.

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