Raising Capital – What's the difference between angel and venture capital investors?

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“Hello Evan,
I understand that one of the main differences between VC and Angels is that Angels tend to go for the very early start ups more often than VCs, who like to go for the more establish, if not for expension.
Can you do a video to expand more on the differences between VCs and Angels and who ahould go for which investor. Thanks.”

17 Comments on “Raising Capital – What's the difference between angel and venture capital investors?”

  1. How come there are no videos on YouTube that tell you how to directly sell the stock of your company can someone please answer this I just started a corporation now I want to sell stock how do I go about actually selling it what all is involved

  2. Hi Evan

    I liked the video which explained the differences in a short and to the point video. I would like to know if you made a video about "Raising capital for an established small scale industry" with a turnover around 1 – 1.5 million dollar? I am looking for an investor who is interested in investing in India.

  3. Wow! What a lecture! Thumbs up mr Evans.
    "If you get a wrong investor, you'll get stuck with him for ever"…… made my day.

  4. Awesome video! Answered a lot or questions i had. But I was wondering… You said that a VC likes to see a 30% return each year, most likely starting in the 3rd year. So when it comes to an Angel, what percentage are they looking for yearly? Thank you.

  5. Evan, I think the last part, when things get rough their not so best behaviour comes out. That part is THE MOST important part of selecting an investor. Great video.

  6. Evan, thanks for this question. I never knew that even I had this question.
    I wanna know what happens in detail, how a company goes from a small startup to different rounds of funding from seed, angel to VCs. And when your company's valuation increases and you go for an IPO to become a public ltd company, how do you use the public's fund in your business, coz it changes daily as your stock price rises and plummets by a percentage, and how do you repay the people if that funds were locked into an inventory.

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