Slava Rubin on How to Build Startup Teams That Perform Under Pressure

Erik Michielsen: What does it mean to performunder pressure in the work that you do? Slava Rubin: Pressure definitely is part ofthe job.

We’re a VC-funded company, which some people like to say that’s like gettingon the treadmill and never being allowed to get off.

We don’t have the luxury of saying,”tomorrow, I think maybe I’m going to take a break and slow down and maybe not try tobuild a bigger company,” ’cause we already have some significant investors.

We took nearly17 million dollars of VC money.

So I think people thrive under pressure, that’s who we’relooking to hire.

We have our values as part of our recruiting process, and one of thosevalues is fearless.

“face” — fearlessness, authenticity, collaboration, and empowerment.

First one: fearless.

So we need you to be fearless and do things that you never thoughtyou’d be able to do and know that we need to accomplish things that are just challengesand no one else has done, so pressure is just part of the process.

Source: Youtube