Banquet Etiquette in China

If you go to a banquet, there’ll be much more food than you can eat, so pace yourself,understand that there’ll be more dishes coming.

Usually the fried rice followed by the fruitis the end.

So you can see if things are progressing;your host will also try to keep your plate full, so if you really don’t want to eatmore, leave some food on your plate and pace yourself.

Also, it’s really good just to be a goodsport about things.

I ended up, I think, eating caterpillars twonights ago.

Nobody explained to me what was in the noodlesand I didn’t ask and I sort of looked at them and thought: “You know what, everybodyis asking for seconds of these noodles.

I’ll just eat them happily.

” So sometimes you’ll be subject to strangefood, and it helps just to go with the flow.

Source: Youtube

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