Regulatory Requirement of Cosmetics in China

In China, the cosmetics are divided into 2categories: non-special use and special use cosmetics.

There are 5 sub-categories in the non-specialuse cosmetics: skin care; hair care; nail care; perfume and makeup.

For special use cosmetics there are 9 sub-categories:hair growth; hair dye; hair perm; depilation; deodorization; fitness; breast shaping; antifreckle and sunscreens.

According to the regulations all importedcosmetics have to be registered at the CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration).

The duration of the registration with theCFDA is about 6-8 months for non-special use cosmetics, and 10-18 months for special usecosmetics.

For the cosmetics recorded by the ShanghaiPudong New Area, the whole time of the record- keeping is about 4 months.

All cosmetics have to be tested on animalsto fulfill the registration process, expect domestic non-special use cosmetics.

During the registration with CFDA, the firststep for the foreign manufacturers is to appoint the Chinese responsible person to registerthe cosmetics.

Any legal entity can be the responsible person,like a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), a distributor, or a third party consultingfirm.

Each licence will be valid for 4 years.

Most submitted documents will be resubmittedfor the licence renewal.

But if the resubmitted information is notconsistent with the information recorded, the licence renewal will be failed.

So we normally suggest that the foreign applicantskeep the full dossier despite that they’ve got the approval from CFDA for their products.

Source: Youtube