Sheffield China Gateway Scheme

After year long preperation, four sheffieldbased companies led by the Sheffield City Council embarked on their trade mission to China.

The two students sitting next to me are the student ambassadors who accompanied their employers on the trip to China.

Their work has been highly recognised by their employers.

Both of them were nominated by their employers for the National Student Employee of the Year.

The answer is yes, absolutely.

This experience has helped me greatly and I'm sure Adam would agree as well.

I think it's an important promotion to me as an individual, as a student and as an employee.

Because this opportunity enhanced my employability, my adaptability and also my flexibility.

Because it's quite different working with UK companies as a Chinese student.

It's a big culture gap and how to adapt this with our employer is.

I think it was quite difficult to me, especially in the beginning.

Yes, thats true I totally agree with mia,and as international students we improved our language skillsthat's the best thing during this process and also we know more about how the businesssis organised, how it operates and the business processes, we have learnt.

It's not just useful in the UK or China,you can work in the multinational companies which need you tohave the diplomacy to deal with different people from different cultures.

I want to say a big yes! As a postgrad student ourselves, we are restricted by our visa and our timetable as well becausewe only have one year to study in the UK.

We need to balance our study and we need to make sure we can capture the opportunity to work in the UK.

As well, us as postgraduate students we always have the ambition to get involved with our Career direction and so we do need someworking experience but we have a tight time.

So, this provides us the opportunity.

But, if we work hard now it will be easier in the future.

Source: Youtube