Create WordPress Header Templates With Elementor Theme Builder

Get Elementor header footer builder for WordPress:

Get Elementor Pro Theme Builder with Header Templates:

There is a new way to design WordPress header template, one that requires no coding and works on any theme.

Meet Elementor’s Header template.

Design any header you can imagine in a new, visual and code-free way.

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12 Comments on “Create WordPress Header Templates With Elementor Theme Builder”

  1. You make it seem easier than it is. I have been trying to make a header and footer all day and it's not working. Not intuitive at all for beginners.

  2. Ok but: how many files it adds to the front-end? The site has to load the items from WordPress, also the template and now the builder plugin.

  3. Thanks for your good video ?? My question is whether there is any chance to create a transparent header with an option to create a sticky one with some background while scrolling down and with an option to resize it.

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