Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman (Study Notes)

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41 Comments on “Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman (Study Notes)”

  1. Hey Joseph, another great upload. I notice you mention vision, purpose, dreams and goals. Do you mind making a video on the differences between them and how or if each one feeds into the other, which is the most important?, etc. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Joseph, Thank you for all that you do and share. I'm wanting to do my own "notes and reflections" presentation on a book that would be relevant for a company I work with. It's a creative multimedia/visual production house, struggling to unify inwardly and focus outwardly and be forward thinking, after being in the business for three decades. What pertinent book(s) would you recommend I check out to dissect and share with the team? Thank you!

  3. HOLY SHIZZLE!! I can't believe I just found your channel! You're channel is LITERALLY what I've been looking for!! Amazing content and well in depth and really helps drive the concepts after personally reading the book alone, this is great. You've got a subscriber for LIFE. Thank you for the amazing, thoughtful and well formatted videos. I'm going to binge watch all your videos as much as I can now lol. (Oh, P.S. could you do these books in the near future; 'ABC's of Real Estate Investing' by Ken McElroy, 'ABC's of Property Management' Also by Ken McElroy, 'Unlimited Memory' by Grandmaster Kevin Horsley, 'Tax-Free Wealth' by Tom Wheelwright, 'Taxmageddon 2018' by Diane Kennedy, 'Hooked' by Nir Eyal, 'Manage Your Day-To-Day..' by Jocelyn K. Glei & Scott Belsky. Just for a few off top my head ??)

  4. Hi Joseph!

    Thanks a lot for uploading these study notes which are incredibly rich in content. We would like to see more from you in future.
    Would request you to make the study notes on "Predictably Irrational by DAN ARIELY".

    Thanks in advance!

    Rakshith Kumar L

  5. Joseph has been practicing all of the books concept by sharing this vids to Us. Sharing and helping us to get what we want…. Knowledge and the ability to read book in one day. Thank you Joseph. Your channel should have millions of subs. Wish you lots of success and health.

  6. What a good work you have done Joseph Rodriguez ! I am going from one study note to the other one, what a tresure i descover !! With all my gratitude , thanks !!

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