Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #1

In this new series, we will be converting a plain HTML and CSS site built around the Bootstrap 3 framework into a fully functioning WordPress theme. This tutorial will look at creating/hosting a WordPress site, what files we will need and installing our theme.

Download HTML:

Web Hosting:
DreamHost: (Use promo code “CODERSGUIDE” for major discount)

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16 Comments on “Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #1”

  1. hello guys, i want to add boostrap to my website i i created through wordpress but i couldn't find out where to put it. what php file i should edit. I wanted to create columns and rows but i don't want to install plug ins.

    hope you can help me

    thank you:)

  2. Could a person use your tutorial — since Blankslate hasn't been updated since 2013 and we are about to enter 2015 — to use "Bones" instead of Blankslate? 

  3. Just share with people to use Desktop Server, which will handle the install of wamp, the install of the wp site, and changing the urls from local to live automagically.  With a click, you upload developed site to production theatre.   Huge time-saver.

  4. Excellent video , I wonder if there are any tutorials to include bootstrap with woocomerce

  5. I am looking for an WordPress, Bootstrap and an ecommerce plugin suggestion such as Woocommerce tutorial. Any suggestions?

  6. Nice tutorial. Really stoked to learn more about WordPress. I used to be using drupal but the all the mishaps and usability horror was getting too much. I just installed WP and set this little bit up and I'm already comforted with the fact that this will be a more smooth ride. +the overall site performance is way better than devving on drupal with a bloated base theme –"  ++WP has a friggn app out of the box!

    Jesus Christ I feel like I've been living under a rock!

  7. Sorry I haven't watched all the videos yet but just wondering how you implement the menu drop down?

  8. You only have 6 wordpress theme tutorials?  Where is the rest?
    Great, tutorials by the way.

  9. nice tutorials always wanted to know how to use bootstrap and wordpress. Hope to follow through with the tutorials!

  10. This tutorial is awesome. You wouldn't mind posting a direct link for those file to follow up this lesson, would you?

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