Morning Rituals of an Entrepreneur

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I believe your day as an entrepreneur is a pure reflection of your morning rituals. How you start your day will determine the type of day you’re going to end up having.

A lot of people ask me, “Pat, I want to know how your day starts. What do you do in the morning? What time do you wake up. What time do you do this? What time do you do that?”

In this video, I’ll share with you exactly what I do in the morning, and I’ll also cover the morning rituals of some other entrepreneurs that I respect.

Gary Vee — 1:55

Tony Robbins — 2:10

Zuckerberg – 3:40

Jack Dorsey – 4:03

Richard Branson – 4:12

Simon Cowell – 4:39

Tory Burch – 5:03

My Personal Morning Routine – 5:23

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15 Comments on “Morning Rituals of an Entrepreneur”

  1. Simone Cowell wakes up when all douche bags wake up. No idea what time that is given I'm not a douche. But I'm sure he's in line with "douche bag wake up hour". Can't stand that guy. Treats people like garbage. Then when he's even remotely decent to someone society praises him like he's done something special. Terrible role model to society and young people. He teaches them 'as long as you have money you can get away with putting people down, thinking you're better than everyone, and not caring at all how you make people feel'. Fuck that condescending mother fucker! He needs to get the shit kicked out of him by the next person he treats like shit. I will bet you any money he cheats on his wife regularly and is probably a BDSM weirdo who likes to get whipped and slapped during sex.

  2. Hey buddy, i just wanted to make a request. Could you make your videos 10-12minutes long. Sort of key points, summary and highlights. I really like you but I find it hard to commit loads of slots of 18 minutes videos

  3. Hey thanks for the perspective and the time you put in to this channel. You're helping me think bigger with ever video I watch!

  4. Why can't I share this video on FB? It keeps saying that it's against community values, whatever that means.

  5. Dude, thanks for posting this. I literally was about to ask on my LinkedIn what are morning rituals you do before you start your day and before I even posted that, this video appears on my YouTube. #Insane | Thanks for everything you do, you're helping fuel my drive to sell and expand my client-base. I hope to one day meet you and just hang out and learn more. Stay blessed!

  6. Love the way you do, one question every time I add morning exercise after some times my body gets use to exercise and I have to add more time to exercise so I have the same hype after exercise to get my day started how can I manage this without adding more time?

  7. Hello Patrick awesome content as always… I heard in this video that you have an insurance company?… I recently had an interview with bankers life to be in insurance agent. I would like to reach out to you to possibly talk to you about coming onto your insurance team as an agent. Thank you again and your videos are so inspiring to me, and Have changed my life! If there is anything you ever need and I can help you out let me know I’m your guy! Thanks again and talk to you soon!

  8. Duuddddeeeee we are the car!!!!! I've been saying that for years!!! You take care of your body and it will take you wherever you want to go!! I love you Pat!!

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