Hello guys.

This will be a short video because.

I just wanna share a tip or however you wantto call it, something that changed my life, and helped me to stay motivated every dayand every minute of the day and I hope it will change your life as well.

You see, I was a very lazy person, I rarelydid anything that was hard and whenever I had to study I didn’t feel like it and Ialso didn't have any self discipline so it was very hard to start and actually studythe thing that I was supposed to study.

So I would watch a few motivational videosget pumped up and suddenly it was a loot easier, I didn’t had that resistance inside of me,and usually I would jump right into studying.

You know motivation is a powerful thing.

So I asked myself, what if this in mewherever I go and whatever I do? What I found that motivated me the most, wastime.

I downloaded a chrome add-on which is called"Motivation".

So what it does is? When you open a new tab it replaces the defaultchrome new tab, with your current age.

So whenever I open a new tab, and I see myage ticking, those nano-years just fly by, it really gets to me.

You see the time that passes that you cannotget back.

It's so much different when you see the numbersincrease as you age.

It makes me go all out and do everything Ican the best that I can.

I started to appreciate time more.

I don't wanna spend my life doing uselessstuff, I wanna see where I can go and what I am able to do if I use every minute of myday for the rest of my life.

This worked for me because I spend most ofmy day on the computer, so it goes like I need to search something I open a new taband boom it's there its ticking and it reminds me.

But If I am not on my computer and I go out,if I see an old person that’s 70 or 80 what I do is, I put myin their skin.

I just imagine vividly in my head that I am70 years old, I imagine the regret and pain that I would feel, how bad would I want tobe young again.

But as you know it doesn't matter how badyou want that, you just can't change it.

After that I go back to myine;”>self and that feelingof regret and pain just scares me and makes me do stuff, I work as fast as I can for thewhole day.

I don't want to regret anything when I amlaying on my deathbed.

You know you only have like 1440 minutes aday, you may think that is a lot but actually it isn't.

Many people get caught in the trap and thinkthat they have a lot of time on their hands.

But the truth is we don't.

We're all just one car crash, one diagnose,one accident away from dying.

Anyway I didn't wanted to make this like amotivational video or something, I just wanted to share my chrome add-on motivation tip thatchanged how I look at time.

So I recommend that you become more awareabout time, and also go and Install that add-on it's free.

Once you do leave a comment below and tellme if it helped you just as It helped me.

Anyway don't forget to subscribe and thanksfor watching.

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