Should you learn WordPress in 2018?

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23 Comments on “Should you learn WordPress in 2018?”

  1. Nice vid!
    I have started to study computersciene and it will be beneficial to know some html, css, js, php in future semesters plus I find it obviously interesting myself.
    So I have got your IWD course and am convinced it will help me.

    On the side, I plan to do some online freelancing work, once Im good enough in Web dev.
    On the major online freelancing sites, indeed a ton of gig offers are nowadays in using wordpress and no more in using traditional web dev fundamental languages, which might be Intuitively viewn lil sad, but it is what it is.^^

    I just wonder therefore, how or is it even beneficial to be competent in the traditional language to do online sidejobs, in terms of building simple pages for people, when regards to this field all/so much seems to be only wordpress nowadays, when we talk "for real".

  2. WordPress customer service is absolutely dysfunctional and frighteningly dumb. I NEVER needed assistance with coding or the platform, etc. I'm referring to them attempting to charge me for a site that I had canceled a year earlier. It was as if I were communicating with the lowest IQ beings on the planet. Dumb beyond belief.

  3. I made the mistake of auditing the WordPress core codebase.. I wish I hadn't looked! Few legacy codebases are as bad, but that is precisely why it's so popular with users – no refactoring or breaking changes means old unmaintained plugins often carry on working.

  4. Hey Stef, please make a video on your thoughts on the release of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0. How will this affect aspiring newcomers to the WordPress game and particularly those who wanna get into the PHP development side?

  5. "But there's nothing as cool or as sexy than making a lot of money for your time". That was a great statement.

  6. Quality WordPress developers are rare. It's not an oversupplied skills. It's rare because there is an Oversupply of "Fake" Developers.
    Lets use Paleo rule to explain.
    1)80% of so called web developers are from 3rd world countries with poor English.
    2)From the other 20% that communicate great in English 80% are Div Theme or theme/plugins users that don't know how to code at all.
    3) Then from the 20% -> 80% of those that know basic html and CSS only.
    4) From the 20% 80% know basic PHP but not know how wordpress structured.
    5) From that 20% ->80% are newbies developers that know HTML + CSS + PHP and wordpress structured but only have few months of experience.
    6) From that 20% -> 80% stop doing WordPress developers since they lack proper marketing skills to brand and sell themselves to survive Freelancing and move to get a job doing Node.js/Ruby/C# etc
    7) only 20% of those stay doing wordpress developers for 5+ years and know how to properly Sell wordpress and know where to look to make a Living.
    8) only 20% of those become EXPERT level WordPress Developers that build in a Highly Niche market inside wordpress. Business/Ecommerce/Education etc etc. They make the Big money.

  7. I hated wordpress before watching this video for not being able to insert my code and change the page at my will, but it seems that you are right. The more money I can make, the cooler it is.
    Gotta go figure out and get the shits done.

  8. You mention wordpress if you want something more than Wix, for example; Pretend you're trying to convince someone why that is true. Please make that argument

  9. There's nothing as cool and sexy as a man named Shefan, that knows what he's saying, great one Stef, keep them up.

  10. What i like about wordpress is, it is a quick and easy website to throw up. Albeit it can seem bland, but they do the job. What about Joomla though?

  11. Hi Stefan, a question from a rookie on WordPress: Can you share a link on how to move your domain from one hosting company to another? thanks

  12. To me, WordPress is garbage, but I also think Microsoft Windows and Android devices are garbage. It's because I hate how open sourced technology requires more setup and can lead to a chaos of compatibility issues to crash your site. Other people love the flexibility open-source gives them and think the setup time (or learning curve) is negligible in comparison. Therefore, learn WordPress in 2018 if you need the multitude of third-party plugins/themes and the freedom to do whatever the hell you want, or if you want to work with and develop sites for people who do.

  13. I’ve only been watching your videos for just a few days now, but everything I’ve seen so far has been great. I’m signing up for your web development course now too.

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