Suggestions on Cosmetics Registration in China

The definition of cosmetics is different allover the world.

In China, toothpaste is not regarded as cosmetics,so the pre-market registration is not required for toothpaste.

Another special case is for soaps.

So far, the pre-market registration is notrequired for soaps, but some ports in China will request to provide CFDA license to pastthe port inspection and quarantines.

If you want to sell your (soap) products inthe shopping malls and supermarkets, the CFDA license will be requested.

So we normally suggest our clients to registersoaps with CFDA especially if they want to sell them in shopping malls and supermarket.

We’ve got some complaints from our clientsthat they could not sell their products in the China market, despite that they got CFDAlicense, because their trademark had been registered by another company in China.

So another important thing for the foreignmanufacturers is to fulfill the registration of the original and Chinese trademark beforeor during the process of the registration (with CFDA).

Source: Youtube