The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Insights & Perspectives

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Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true, while others just continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else? One simple reason, those that are “successful” have found their SLIGHT EDGE! This book is not just another self-help, motivation tool of methods you must to learn in order to make it up the path of success. The Slight Edge simply shows you how to create powerful results from the simple daily activities of your life, by using tools that are already within you. And all you need to make that happen? Discover that “one” thing that will help you achieve that goal, realize a life-long dream or propel you up the ladder to success. Once you got it, then you will discover how your philosophy… creates your attitude… creates your actions… creates your results… creates YOUR LIFE! Plus, Jeff shares with you “the key” that will make all of the other self-help information you read, watch and hear actually work in your life!

Editorial Reviews
We have an amazing team that was introduced to the Slight Edge 10 weeks ago. We have reviewed and instilled the principles given in the book three times a week for the past 10 weeks and have seen such growth in our group! Also, I would like for him to know that he has made a difference for me personally!! I have applied the Slight Edge and I know my life will never be the same!! By applying the information success in every area of my life is inevitable!! Thank you Jeff Olson!! I love it so much that everyone on my Christmas list is getting a copy of the book. It will be the best gift I ve ever given to my loved one!! –P. Barnett

Our company book club just finished The Slight Edge and really enjoyed it. Thanks so much! –C. Argeris

When I got a copy of the Slight Edge and read it, my life changed. I emailed over 100 Vice Presidents who work in the same company with me and shared my personal story of success with the Slight Edge. They began to order books and do trainings with their teams so I know that the sales are up on the book from my passion with Jeff’s work. –P. Jarrett
About the Author
JEFF OLSON has built multimillion-dollar sales and marketing organizations, hosted seminars in every major city in the U.S. and has produced over 900 television programs with such personal development legends as Les Brown, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. Over the past twenty years, Jeff has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve better levels of financial freedom and personal excellence.


23 Comments on “The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Insights & Perspectives”

  1. 0.003 is such a great understanding towards achievement . Thank you for sharing your worked experiences. Gold 🙂
    Including the scary truths too.

  2. Did not read this book.  I added it to my wishlist, but I have many other books higher on the totem pole.

    The theory of small incremental progressive steps reminds me of the japanese word "Kaizen"
    It is a mix of east/west because America brought it to Japan after WWII.
    Also Kaizen is the name of my nephew.  Kids get cool-worldly names nowadays.

    Just check out the book(s) – The Toyota Way.
    Funny thing is… I bought "Toyota Kata" today since it was the daily deal.

  3. As usual, your points are spot on. I've been experiencing the concept of building momentum in my own life and learning to love the process. Very powerful. Thanks Joseph.

  4. If You have read this book and are a follower of Jeff's advice I sincerely applaud you. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff's company TPN in the late 90's and I am now a part of his latest project. Jeff is a true leader and at the pinnacle of leadership. With his teachings and the amazing mentors he's gathered we have a vehicle to really really change our futures. I would love to share his vision with you. If you are not aware of Nerium International and are looking for an opportunity that HE is founder of, please watch this video and if interested in more info, enter your contact info and I will be glad to reach out to you. Thank you. -Oscar

  5. Great vids. I love your notes and application. It's very inspiring. What's the difference between this book and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy? Very similar in principle, don't you think?

  6. I plan to finish this book by tomorrow and revisit when the need to reflect. I appreciate knowing the small steps that can help me reach my goals by staying consistent everyday. I see it being my daily ritual to achieve great outcome at the end of the day. Thank you

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