WordPress Theme Development Part 2 (PHP)

To start with this Theme Development Series Please Follow this Steps :

1. Learn HTML and HTML5 at First from somewhere
2. Learn CSS and CSS3 along with PSD to HTML5 & CSS3
3. Learn How to Make a Website Responsive
4. Learn about javascript and jQuery, jQuery Plugins
5. Learn UIKit and Bootstrap

3rd, 4th and 5th requirements are not mandatory.. but You should Follow

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  1. ধুর মিয়া । আপনি constant মানেও জানেন না । ভুল জিনিস শিখানোর চেয়ে না শিখানো ভাল ।

  2. আসলে আপনারা দারুন শিখান । 
    ধন্ন্যবাদ সুজন ভাই ।

  3. assa vai html:5    delkhar por automatic sob chole ashsay kivabay. ami likhlam ashlo na to . kew ektu bolben please

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