MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Good for developers?

In this video I am sharing with you my experiences with the new MacBook Pro. I am also showing you how well Xcode works together with the new Touch Bar.

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If you have questions about the video or Cocoa programming, please comment below.

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  1. Touchbar is to simplify your experience with macbk. Some people prefers the use of physical keys cos its make u feel like a professional or shortcut keys had been embedded into ur mind throughout ur childhood (so familiar, don't want to change). So, its basically up to ur preferences after all. Whether u want to switch or stay/

  2. Great video! My personal opinion is i prefer using shortcut toggle than touch bar, it’s work so much faster. Touch bar main purpose is only for aesthetics 🙂

  3. Hey, that;s a really interesting weather app. Do you have a github page where a students can learn how to make such an xcode program?

  4. Your problem is that you are a idevices developer, ussing swift. Moreover, the real problem is for the people that use VIM/Vi, terminal programs, even git, Chrome dev tools, which use function keys. Also most of the features that the bar has , we have been using with ctrl comands. Faster and easier. Moreover, most of us need VMs for dev environments, therefore more RAM , more space so the fact that mbp can't upgrade its basic components results in a bad sale.

  5. Would this Mac be enough if i use it for C++ programming? I’m new on this world, i had a MBP late 2013 and I didn’t had any problem but it got stolen so I’m thinking to upgrade for the new MBP 13” no touch bar … the only thing I’m concerned it’s about some libraries which are only for windows… this semester I’ll have Object oriented programming so I don’t know if go for Mac or windows .
    I have an iPad Pro 10.5” and it was great to work with all my documents and stuff sync with my laptop and going for windows I will not have that…

  6. Great Review… I am really impressed. I was playing with it in the store and it did not look like static gimmick but rather dynamic always adjusting to the situation….

  7. Slightly late in the game, but, I have noticed in my Mid 2015 Macbook Pro 15" that a large story board (with a lot of viewcontrollers) can take quite a bit of time to render especially if I have a bunch of IBInspectables and IBDesignables with storyboard support and switching back and forth between storyboard and a viewcontroller code is just infuriating. I am not sure if it's the same with everyone but I have the 16 gig model with Radeon 2GB. Is the new 2017 model be any helpful in this respect?

  8. hows the storage ? is it 256 or 512 , and has it been holding right now ?? i mean does it get full or something ??

  9. All that refactoring and what-not on the bar can be done quicker by using the standard (or slightly modified) hotkeys in your IDE. That touchbar would slow you down.

  10. Steve Jobs would have fired so many people. In fact he would've never let this MBP see the light of day. Time to speak with your wallet and show Apple you're not going to pay premium for a MBP that performs the same as a 2015 MBP. Who the F needs a touch bar to make comments in Xcode? Most retarded thing ever. Do not buy the 2017 MBP if you have already have a 2014/2015/2016 MBP. Buy the 2018 MBP. Hopefully MagSafe will be back.

  11. Keep in mind not all developers are iOS developers. It is rediculously ineffective with some classic development tools like vim and emacs. Ofcorse its going to work with xCode.

  12. You can zoom in on storyboards using two-finger double tap, you don't have to use a touchscreen keyboard shortcut.

  13. Thank you kindly for making this video! It was a serious question for me, as a developer and nobody talks about it 'cause we're a relatively small group.

  14. So in other words, it's just like in the other apps in that it lets you assign touch buttons to your already assigned keyboard shortcuts, making it slower to use than to just use the keyboard shortcuts and forces you to look down from the screen to use it.. Ugh!

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